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Official Passport


2 Photos
2" x 2" in size
Plain white or off-white background.
Applicant centered in the photograph. (IMPORTANT)
At least .5" of space between top of the applicant's head and edge of the photograph.
Taken within the last six months.
Normal street attire and nothing offensive.
- No military uniforms.
- No hat or other headgear, unless part of religious attire that is worn daily.
- No dark glasses or non-prescription glasses with tinted lenses.

Military ID

Expired passport (if renewing)

All passports in applicant's possession.
UNLESS 16 or younger, or if most recent passport was issued when they were under 16.
If a passport is submitted with an application, no additional proof of U.S. citizenship is required
UNLESS applicant is 16 or younger.

Proof of U.S. citizenship (original only)
Birth Certificate, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, or Naturalization Certificate.

Proof of name change (if applicable)
Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, or Court Order.

DS 3053 Statement of Consent (for any child under 16 when a parent is unavailable to sign)
Also include notarized copy of passport, military ID or drivers license of unavailable parent.
If absent parent is unable to be contacted, provide additional documentation (email, etc.)

Passport Application
All applications must have the appropriate electronic forms from the U.S. State Department's
Passport Application Wizard at www.travel.state.gov/passport/forms/forms_847.html
  1. Select "Passport Application Wizard".
  2. For new applications, renewals, information updates and replacements for damaged passports still in your possession, select "Apply Online" and "Submit."
  3. For reporting a lost or stolen passport, select "Report Lost or Stolen" and "Submit."
  4. Fill in all requested information in its entirety, including:
Section (if requested) Input
Occupation Military (if applicable)
Child (if under 16)
Employer USAF (for military)
(leave blank for children)
Where should the passport be mailed? 100 FSS/FSMPS
IP28 8NG (zipcode)
United Kingdom (country)
Is this your permanent address? No
Permanent address U.S. home of record address (no APO)
Travel plans
Date of Trip:
Duration of Trip

Countries to be Visited:
All information is required. By default:
2 months from application appointment.
6 Months, 179 Days, or 183 Days
(information MUST match your UDM
South Africa, Bosnia, Mali, etc.
(information MUST match/reflect in your
UDM letter)
Parent information This must match applicant's birth
certificate. Use mother's name at birth.

  1. After preview your form to ensure information is accurate and complete, select "Next."
  2. Under Passport Options, choose "Passport Book" with no additional options and select "Next." (You will not be charged online, this only allows the form to generate.)
  3. Select "Create Form" from bottom of page.
  4. Do NOT sign your form. It must be signed in front of the passport agents.
Application reviews are recommended before appointment to avoid rejections
  • Send application to 100fss.passport@us.af.mil and call DSN 238-2111.
  • Application will be reviewed and an appointment will be made within 48-72 hours.
Military Personnel Section
DSN 238-2111 Option 1,
Commercial 01638 542111 Option 1
Contact the MPS for more information about appointments and walk-in hours

Military Personnel Section
Building 436, Room 205

Passport Offices UK

RAF Mildenhall
RAF Mildenhall Visa/Passport Office
Location: Building 436, Room 205
Email: 100fss.passport@us.af.mil
DSN: (314) 238-2111 option 1
Comm: +44 (0)1638-54-2111 option 1

RAF Lakenheath
RAF Lakenheath Visa/Passport Office
Location: Building 977
Email: 48fss.passports@us.af.mil
DSN: (314) 226-1210
Comm: +44 (0)1638-52-1210

RAF Alconbury
RAF Alconbury Visa/Passport Office
Location: Building 671
DSN: (314) 268-3457
Comm: +44 (0)1480-84-3457
Note: Provides assistance with official passports only

RAF Menwith Hill
RAF Menwith Hill Visa/Passport Office
Location: Building 416
Email: 421abs.passports@us.af.mil
DSN: (314) 262-7867
Comm: +44 (0)1423-77-7867

RAF Croughton
RAF Croughton Passport Office
Location: Building 201
Email: 422abs.css@us.af.mil
DSN: (314) 236-8324
Comm: +44 (0)1280-70-8324

RAF Molesworth
JAC Visa/Passport Office
Location: Building 323, Room 5
DSN: (314) 268-2225
Comm: +44 (0)1480-84-2225