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The Air Force Legal Assistance Website is designed to help service members and dependents obtain detailed information on a variety of legal issues. Because it is a public site, clients may access the site's features from home without a CAC.

Please visit the website here. https://aflegalassistance.law.af.mil/lass/lass.html

Clients must fill out a will worksheet on the Air Force Legal Assistance Website and once they receive a ticket number, they can schedule an appointment by calling the Legal Office at DSN 238-2028 or commercial at 01638 542028.

Will worksheets can be found here https://aflegalassistance.law.af.mil/lass/lass.html.

Legal assistance attorneys can prepare wills and advance medical directives, including living wills and medical powers of attorney. These services are executed immediately following an appointment.

Powers of Attorney and notary services are provided on a walk-in basis. Please go to our website here https://aflegalassistance.law.af.mil/lass/lass.html to fill out your forms. Once you receive a ticket number please come into our office with that number to get your documents printed and notarized.


Adoption Of Children While Overseas      Domicile and Residency
Benefits While on Leave      Foreign Tax Credit
British Summons      Identity Theft
British TV Licensing      Landlord and Tenant Law
Buying a Used Car      Marriage in the United Kingdom 
Child Support Enforcement      Name Change 
Citizen & Naturalization      Political Activities & Military Members 
Citizens Advice Bureau & Solicitors      Powers of Attorney 
Court Witness      Purchasing Privileges 
Divorce in the United Kingdom      Service Members' Civil Relief Act 

General Information

Physical Address: Office of the Staff Judge Advocate Building 428

RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom

Official Mailing Address: 100 ARW/JA Unit 4890 Box 165

APO, AE, 09459-4890

Organizational e-mail address:


Walk-in hours:
Monday, Wednesdays & Fridays:

9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 

1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Services include powers of attorney & notary service.

Legal Assistance:  Appointments only

Services include wills, domestic relations issues, etc.

Please contact the legal office at DSN 238-2028 or Comm 01638-542028 with any questions.