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The official passport can only be obtained if a member is traveling to a country that requires the official passport and/or visa upon entry, based off the foreign clearance guide. This passport CANNOT be used for leisure travel. It can only be used for official travel purposes (deployments, TDY, etc.). This passport is FREE of charge and paid for by  the DOD U.S. Government.

For the Special Issuance Agency here at RAF Mildenhall to process an Official Passport members must adhere by the checklist. The members requesting a Special Issuance passport must present their Orders (CED/TDY/VOCO), when normal conditions exist for entry into the country.

When orders are unavailable customers/units may request official passports using one of the three waiver options. Under normal conditions, passports can normally be processed within six to eight weeks.

Waiver Options:

Option 1) a memo in lieu of orders;

Option 2) a deployment/movement memorandum;

 *** The memorandum request must be signed by an O-6 or equivalent from the organization that is requesting the exception***

Option 3) a passport waiver request

352 SOW  - The approved 16 Oct 18 SIA waiver memo falls under option 3, but will be in addition to the three Option Waivers.

NOTE: Keep in mind that options one and two above are preferred, available options to Commanders when orders are not available and conditions exist that satisfy the requirements of either of these options. 


No-fee passports are not to be used for leisure travel; they are for official travel only.

According to the Foreign Clearance Guide Eligible Family members (U.S. Citizens) are required to obtain a No-Fee passport prior to departure to the United Kingdom. The no-fee passport can only be obtained if dependents are on orders or command sponsored and are stationed overseas. This passport CANNOT be used for leisure travel. It can only be used when entering the country, the member is stationed at. If the member requires an exemption vignette, it will also be placed in the No-Fee passport. Eligible family members and DOD military members do not require a visa for country entrance. All members are required to always travel with their PCS Orders, NATO Orders, and military ID.

If eligible family members are unable to obtain a No-Fee passport prior to their Departure from CONUS they may travel on their Tourist Passport for up to six months. Upon arrival, they may obtain a No-Fee passport from the Special Issuance Agency (Passport Office),


Military members must obtain a tourist passport for leisure travel to other countries.

Command-sponsored family members (U.S. citizens) are highly encouraged to have both tourist and no-fee passports while residing in United Kingdom. Travelers planning to perform unofficial (personal) travel during or in conjunction with their official overseas assignments, should obtain (at their own expense) a Regular (Tourist) Passport prior to departure from CONUS. If members are unable to obtain a tourist passport prior to their PCS from CONUS or OCONUS, they may obtain a tourist passport at the RAF Mildenhall Passport location.

At this time, Tourist passports are limited to once a month every third Wednesday of every month. Appointments will be unavailable to the public until the first business day of every month at 0830.



DOD Military members and family members do not require a visa upon entry or for their duration of time in the United Kingdom. The exemption vignette which acts as a Visa allows dependents (spouses and children under 21 years of age) of military members to reside in country for the duration of their sponsors’ tour. It is encouraged as it can assist with off base employment, UK schooling, renting UK property, UK Entry, etc. The vignette is free and will be placed in the no-fee passport or foreign passport. This document is not required but is high recommended for foreign dependents.


One appointment is required for a Consular Report Birth Abroad, Tourist Passport, and Social Security Cards for newborns. All babies born OCONUS are required to obtain a CRBA prior to departure from the U.K. as it needed to obtain U.S. citizenship and for a Tourist passport and SSN. It required for all eligible dependents to obtain a no-fee passport while residing overseas. Once the initial the CRBA, Tourist Passport have been received by the family members may apply for No-Fee passport.

NOTE: We highly encourage parents to apply for a tourist and no-fee passport for their newborn, they must be command sponsored and enrolled in DEERS to apply for a no-fee passport. Also, both parents and the baby must be present during the appointment.

*Before booking an appointment, ensure to obtain the necessary documents based off of the applicable checklist*

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    If you have been notified by the Passport Office to pick-up documents during hours of operation. For all other services related to passports (including exemption vignettes, newborn packages) require an appointment. Any questions should be directed to out Passport Org Box:

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DOD civilians, DOD-sponsored contractors and their eligible family members are required to provide biometric data as part of the UK visa application WITHIN the United States, biometric data collection is accomplished at any of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Application Support Center (ASC) locations throughout the United States. During the online visa application process, applicants are directed to a biometric scheduling website. Once an appointment is scheduled, applicants must visit the USCIS ASC where fingers cans and digital photographs will be taken.

OUTSIDE the United States, biometric data collection is accomplished at various locations based on the country applying from. For further information about the application process from overseas countries, visit

Fingers cans will be collected from each applicant with an electronic scanner. No ink, liquid or chemical will be used. Ensure fingertips are free from decorations (e.g. henna tattoos), cuts, abrasions, or other markings.

Photographs will be taken with a digital camera. Ensure facial cuts and bruises have healed or disappeared prior to the appointment, and understand photographs will not be taken if the applicant’s face is concealed in any way (e.g. head coverings that cover part of the face, dark glasses, or face or neck coverings.


Non-US citizens and dual nationals with non-US passports


Non-US citizens are not required and are unable to obtain a U.S. No-Fee passport without being a U.S. Citizen. Military dependents that do not obtain the exemption vignette will obtain an open-ended stamp and must travel with their sponsor's orders and/or approved command sponsorship application, along with their dependent ID card. Upon arrival, non-US Citizen family members may request an exemption vignette for some form of proof they are eligible to be in the U.K. All members are required to always travel with their PCS Orders, NATO Orders, and military ID.


Passport and visa requirements may vary for non-US citizens and for dual nationals traveling on non-US passports. Such travelers should check with the nearest host nation embassy or consulate to determine what credentials are required for entry.