'Our Security Matters': Security Awareness Month prepares to kick off

RAF MILDENHALL, England -- RAF Mildenhall's Security Awareness Campaign, sponsored by the installation security advisory group, begins Oct. 1. Throughout the month, the ISAG will host various security forums and provide valuable security information.

The focus of the awareness campaign is to guide the base populace into a higher state of alertness and challenge everyone to become more vigilant at home, in the workplace and abroad. There may be some people who don't always fully understand how their individual decisions and practices can affect the security of our military and the wider community, so the Security Awareness Campaign aims to explain this.

As our nation has learned from recent events, our nation's or military's information can be given to our adversaries for many different reasons.

Individuals have caused our government to spend an enormous amount of time, effort and money combating the loss of sensitive information. The protection of sensitive information is not just the responsibility of government agencies and officials - we are all responsible.

There are people who are looking for opportunities to exploit us, as individuals and as a nation. To help us focus on some of these threats, each week there will be a different security awareness theme to aid the base community in staying secure at home, in the workplace and abroad:

Week 1: "Information" security
Week 2: "Cyber" security
Week 3: "Physical" security
Week 4: "Shared" security

Team Mildenhall is encouraged to take time to review the Security Awareness Month tips, news, presentations and videos on SharePoint, accessible from the 100th Air Refueling Wing Information Protection SharePoint page. For more information, call the information protection office at 01638-543190.