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RAF MILDENHALL, England -- U.S. Civil Service
Spouses coming to Mildenhall on their sponsor's orders may apply for Civil Service position before they arrive. However for their self-nomination to be considered they must list a PCS address local to RAF Mildenhall. In other words, they must already have an established Post Office Box. When applying for civil service (GS/WG) positions, you must build an on-line resume through AFPC at Randolph AFB.

The website is: http://ask.afpc.randolph.af.mil/civemploy/default.asp?prods3=181&prods2=14&prods1=1. This allows you to search current opening, build a resume, and self-nominate for vacancies. It is recommended that you download the Job Kit from the AFPC website prior to writing your resume, and that you set aside a full day to write the resume. It takes 24-48 hours for the resume to be uploaded into the system. Once your resume is loaded into the system, you will want to check the website 2-3 times a week for vacancies, as most vacancies are only open for 5 business days. You can self-nominate to apply for vacancies. If you need assistance in this process or for more information, consult the Career Focus Manager at the Airman & Family Readiness Center where you are stationed.

Military spouse preference provides priority in the employment selection process for military spouses. Spouses who are seriously interested in obtaining a Civil Service (GS/WG) position while stationed at Mildenhall need to check with Civilian Personnel before accepting any job offers. Accepting certain jobs may eliminate your military spouse's preference and ruin your opportunity for Civil Service employment.

Family Member Preference should not be confused with Military Spouse Preference. A family member is a U.S. citizen, military spouse who has used their spouse preference or an unmarried child (including stepchild, adopted child, or foster child) under the age of 23, residing with his/her military or civilian sponsor who was officially assigned to the overseas area. This does not include relatives of locally hired civilians, Red Cross, USO, DoD Contractors, BX Concessionaire, Military Banking Facility, or University personnel. Military spouses will be referred for jobs before other family members.

Foreign-born spouses who are not American citizens are not eligible to work in civil service positions. Foreign-born spouses may seek positions with AAFES, Non Appropriated Funds (NAF), DECA, Contracting, Family daycare office or off base agencies. Foreign-born spouses on their sponsor's orders are also exempt from needing a work permit to work on the British economy.

See 'on-base employment' link for information further employment opportunities

You can do the following things in preparation for your job search:

- Contact your gaining Airman & Family Readiness Center as soon as possible. They will go over all the opportunities available on and off base and how to apply for each different category.

- Have copies of your college transcripts for possible use by the Civilian Personnel Office.

- Be diligent, but patient with your job search, and seriously consider furthering you education! This will enhance your marketability and should make you qualified for better jobs.

*Civilian Personnel (CPO) RAF Mildenhall
01638-54-3540 or
01638-54-2622 Monday - Friday
0800-1700 Positions are advertised on-line at the Air Force Personnel Center: http://www.afpc.randolph.af.mil . You must apply on-line, and your resume takes about 24 hours to load into the system. Jobs are posted for a week, and you must self-nominate for your resume to be submitted. For more information, read the Job Kit posted on the website or make a Career Focus appointment at AFRC .
1. US Citizens
*Dept of Defense Dependents Schools DoDDS
- Lakenheath Elementary
- Feltwell Elementary
- Lakenheath Middle Feltwell
-Lakenheath High School
01638-52-3115 Monday - Friday
Teachers and those interested in positions above the GS-07 level must apply on-line at http://www.dodea.edu/offices/hr/onlineapplication . For more information, call DoDDS employment office: 01638-527237 or 01638-527235.
Substitute teacher positions are always open. Drop by the school where you want to substitute at and fill out the application form.
DoDDS has a continual need to fill positions below the GS-07 level, for more information about the current vacancies, e-mail: Isles.inapplication@eu.dodea.edu
1. US Citizens
Commissary RAF Lakenheath
01638-522247 Tuesday - Sunday
1000 - 1900 Positions are open on an on-going basis. Current vacancies can be browsed and applications can be submitted via www.usajobs.opm.gov .
1. US Citizens
2. British Citizens
3. Non- British NATO Country Spouses
*NAF (Non
Appropriated Funds)

RAF Mildenhall
Monday - Friday

NAF offers temporary, part-time, flex-time, and full-time positions, which are posted in the lobby and at AFRC. Applications are kept on file for 90 days and can be submitted at any time. 1. US Citizens
2. Non-British NATO Country Spouses
Local National
Direct Hire Program

RAF Mildenhall
01638-54-3662 or 01638-54-3540

Monday - Friday
LNDF NAF employees are employed by the USAF and are not linked to the MOD. Applicants must complete USAFE Form 228 (Application for Employment with the USAF in the UK).
USAFE Form 228 is available at CPO. Applications are retained on file for 90 days.
After this period, they will be destroyed and you will need to resubmit another application. Applicants hired under this program are governed by British employment law and paid in Sterling. 1. British Citizens
2. Nationals of European Economic Community--EEC Countries

AAFES AAFES Personnel Office
RAF Feltwell
Monday - Friday
Positions are advertised at the AAFES Personnel Office. Anyone interested in applying for a position should stop by the personnel Office and fill out an application. An interview will also be conducted to determine skills and hours available to work. 1. US Citizens
2. British Citizens
3. Non-British NATO Country Spouses
Contract Positions 48th Contracting
01638-52-2090 Monday - Friday
0730-1630 Positions are open on an on-going basis and advertised in the facility where a position is open. A resume including your minimum hourly wage, is required when applying. For information on a specific contract, contact the Contracting Office at RAF Lakenheath. Examples of contract jobs are college field representatives, Family Services employees, and nursing assistants. 1. US Citizens
2. British Citizens
3. Non-British NATO Country Spouses
Family Child Care RAF Mildenhall
01638-54-4040 Monday - Friday
(Call first as might be out making a home visit)
There is a need for Family Day Care Providers. Providers must live on-base quarters. Training is offered the 3rd week of each month on Tuesday through Friday. 1. US Citizens
2. British Citizens
3. Non-British NATO Country Spouses
Keesler Federal
Credit Union Mildenhall 01638-54-2686

01638-52-2115 Monday - Friday
0830-1600 Applications can be picked up at anytime and will be kept on file for 60 days. Must fill out an application at each bank location. 1. US Citizens
Community Bank Mildenhall,
01638-52-3750 Monday - Friday
0900-1530 Applications can be picked up at the customer service desk and are maintained indefinitely or until the applicant requests it to be discarded. 1. US Citizens
i.e. Unicorn Gift Shop
RAF Mildenhall-Gateway Mall
RAF Lakenheath-BX
Complex Hours vary Contact the individual concessionaires post the positions in their shops. 1. US Citizens
2. British Citizens
3. Non-British NATO Country Spouses
MOD Personnel
Ministry of Defense RAF Mildenhall
01638-54-2823 Monday - Thursday

0800-1600 Positions are advertised at the Mildenhall Job Center ( 01638-683-431) or call the MODPO to inquire about current vacancies or request an application. 1. British Citizens
* These facilities use Spouse Preference in Hiring. Revised in March 2006