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In-processing procedures

RAF MILDENHALL, England -- After you have arrived and settled into your lodging/dorm, on you first "Duty day" your sponsor will escort you to the unit orderly room. You will begin unit in-processing, and be provided with the base in-processing "Fast Start" schedule to include Housing, Local Conditions Drivers Training, and Overseas Orientation briefings to name just a few. 

Base in-processing briefings are mandatory for military members, and civilian personnel. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend. 

Additional requirements which you need to be aware of:
- Military members must report to the Housing Office within two duty days of arrival. This is a mandatory appointment that requires all members, married or single, to be briefed on Temporary Lodging Allowance policies, base housing, and rentals in the local area. 

This is to ensure that you or your families are provided with the necessary information to avoid possible high out-of-pocket expenses or preclude you from being locked into an inappropriate or unfair rental lease. Additionally, TLA is not automatic and must be justified in 10 day increments. 

To receive TLA you will need to view two properties within your first 10 days of arrival, and after that you must view five properties for each subsequent claim. The number of days you may receive TLA is based on the quarterly USAFE average, and by your second claim (20 days) most service members will have found a home, and have a signed lease with a move in date. 

- While stationed at RAF Mildenhall you must have a USAFE permit to drive in the UK. To obtain this permit, you will need to attend Local Conditions Drivers Training within 15 days of arrival, after completing some initial training which is available through the Base Intranet. The training will form part of your in-processing and this will be arranged by your unit Orderly Room. Your unit will help to set up your email account and your sponsor can assist in making sure a computer is available for you to take the web-based drivers training before attending the class. Access information about the Highway Code: http://www.highwaycode.gov.uk/ 

- Within two weeks of your arrival, you are required to register any dogs and cats that you bring to the UK with the US Army Vet Clinic at RAF Feltwell. Registration entails providing a copy of your orders, ID card, and the health and medical history records of the pet. 

Registration does not require physical inspection of the pet, and the documentation can be faxed, hand-carried, or scanned and emailed to the Vet Clinic. During your in-processing, you will be required to acknowledge that you understand the specific prohibitions and requirements of the Mildenhall Instruction which covers Pet Registration in the UK. For more information see the 'PETS' link.

Your sponsors' responsibilities do not end when they take you to the orderly room on your first duty day, as they should help you with house hunting/car buying, and becoming familiar with RAF Mildenhall and the local area. The Housing Office has a driver and minibus to take you to see properties in the local area, but the driver is not always available particularly during the peak PCS season. 

If you wish to have some independence when you first arrive you may wish to get a rental car, so start saving for this before you depart your current location, if possible, as this is more expensive than in the U.S. 

You are a very important person to us, and we look forward to welcoming you to RAF Mildenhall!