SSgt Andrew Lee

RAF MILDENHALL, England -- Every four years people across the globe set their differences aside and rally behind their teams and country, as the finest athletes in their lands compete at the Olympic Games.

The London 2012 Olympic Games serve as a time to bolster national pride, American Airmen are among the most diverse groups in the world and serve the American people, an equally diverse mix of people hailing from many backgrounds.

Regardless of background, U.S. Airmen come together to complete the mission.

Staff Sgt. Andrew Lee, 100th Communications Squadron, describes how he believes standing as one, the Air Force is strong, and relays his excitement for the upcoming Olympic Games.

Lee is the 100th CS unit deployment manager, and hails from Belfair, Wash. Here's what he had to say about the Games:

Question: Describe how you feel the Olympic Games bolster your pride in America.

Answer: I am a big sports fan and I always root for my hometown team. And I think it's great when we can bring the entire U.S. together to root for the same team.

Question: If you could watch any two countries play each other at the Olympic event of your choosing, which two countries and which event would you choose and why?

Answer: A year ago I became a distance runner, I like to run half marathons and I'm working my way to a full marathon. So I would like to see the Olympic marathon, where the best in the world are competing. This puts the U.S. participants against the rest of the world at one time which I find very exciting.

Question: Describe the excitement you feel about being stationed in England at a time when the Olympic Games will be played roughly 60 miles away from your base:

Answer: I feel like being stationed where the Olympics are being held is a once in a life time experience to witness a global event.

Question: Describe how you believe Airmen can recognize and celebrate each other's cultures and how you feel the London Olympics is a great forum for that celebration:

Answer: The United States Air Force is the best Air Force in the world because we are able to bring Airmen from all backgrounds together and complete the mission. And I think it bolsters our capabilities to have Airmen from so many different backgrounds, the experiences everyone brings and the way we bring it all together is invaluable. I've always believed healthy competition brings people together and the Olympics do this on a global scale.

Question: Thinking back to your childhood, was there an iconic sports figure you or your family treasured?

Answer: I looked up to Ken Griffey, Jr., as a kid. I loved baseball and would watch every Seattle Mariners game. I felt like he was always giving it everything he had which made me want to do the same. Now I give the Air Force everything I have not only because I want to complete the mission to the best of my ability but also in hope that new Airmen coming in will follow in my example.