FitLinxx provides Airmen, families path to reach fitness goals

RAF MILDENHALL, England -- Many of RAF Mildenhall's Airmen are well versed when it comes to the FitLinxx Program, however some who are relatively new to USAFE bases may not know what the program is. 

"FitLinxx is a commercial program designed to log workouts," said Master Sgt. Tiffani Johnson, 100th Services Squadron. "In the past, people had to log things in a notebook. They no longer have to do that; the system does it for you." 

Each person who uses the program is issued an identification number, Sergeant Johnson said. Members can log in to their account on any of several FitLinxx kiosks, set up in both gyms on base. The user's account provides comprehensive details of their workouts to date. Some of those include: 

--  Length and type of workout
--  Weight lifted along with repetitions and sets
--  Range of motion
--  Calories burned
--  Distance and more 

The program can be simple to use, as the cardiovascular machines already prompt users to enter their account numbers. Once the number has been entered, the machine will automatically send the necessary information to the user's account. 

Similarly, both gyms also have special strength-training machines set up that perform the same function. 

The program is as versatile as it is set up to accommodate Airmen who don't like to work out indoors, Sergeant Johnson said. Users can also log time they've spent playing sports. 

The FitLinxx program can be updated over the Internet, the sergeant said. This allows members to manually log information while they are at home or on a temporary duty assignment. 

Additionally, the program has another feature some users may enjoy. The program assesses each workout and awards a number of points which are assigned to the user. When users have accumulated enough points, they are eligible for prizes. 

"It's convenient, free and has a good range of equipment (to choose from)," said Robert Shortland, 100th Civil Engineer Squadron, Defence Estates. Mr. Shortland began using the program in January and works out with it two to three times a week. 

"I set self goals and it helps me with my training and helps me with my targets," he said.
Not only does the program help users, but it has practical applications as well. 

"The program is a good commander's tool for people scoring in the poor and marginal levels," said Anthony Cook, Mildenhall fitness program manager. "If you use a heart-rate monitor, it can provide a very detailed version of the workout and in that way, (FitLinxx) is better than an Air Force Form 1975. I think for beginners and people who have problems with motivation, it's a great tool. It provides immediate feedback."