OPSEC protects people, equipment, tactics, procedures

RAF MILDENHALL, England -- July is Operational Security Awareness Month at RAF Mildenhall. 

Special emphasis will be placed on OPSEC awareness training, as well as conforming to 100th Air Refueling Wing and unit critical information lists. 

“There is always confusion over OPSEC,” said Staff Sgt. April Widman, 100th ARW OPSEC program manager. “Most people think it is classified information, when in reality it's all unclassified. It can still give the enemy critical information on our capabilities, limitations and intentions.” 

OPSEC helps the Air Force maintain surprise and protect personnel, equipment, tactics and procedures. 

Critical information lists identify key points to avoid when talking on the phone, sending e-mail, using radios or even talking to family members. Each unit here maintains a CIL, and OPSEC monitors place them within easy reach of phones and computers. 

“The whole concept of OPSEC is to have a set of operational practices that make it more difficult for another group to compile critical information,” said Special Agent John Cunniffe of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations Detachment 512. “Everyone can incorporate OPSEC into their everyday work routine. What many don’t realize is how much is revealed by habitual behaviors, casual conversations, routine acquisitions and Internet information. We must be careful what we are revealing.” 

Airmen, civilian and Ministry of Defence personnel are all required to attend the mandatory training.