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Col. Christopher Ireland, center, is the 352nd Special Operations Group commander. In his commentary, Ireland discusses how U.S. Air Force service members continuously accomplish amazing tasks under uncertainty and pressure, and are committed to holding themselves accountable and being good Wingmen. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Preston Webb/Released) COMMENTARY: Service members: Be proud to serve, stay honor-able
As if life in the military isn't tough enough, it seems that lately there have been a lot of negative themes being trolled out in front of us; messages that seem to imply in one way or another that we're not doing a great job.I, for one, am not biting on that baited hook.My two cents? Let me quote the 101st Airborne Division's acting commander when
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Default Air Force Logo COMMENTARY: Tips for holiday survival
The winter holiday period, now until New Year's Day, is a wonderful time. Usually, people spend quality time with loved ones, celebrate traditions and enjoy being with each other. Conversely, those who have recently joined the military or moved overseas may find the holidays a lonely time. If you will be spending the holidays away from family -
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Default Air Force Logo COMMENTARY: Keys to success
As a chief, the question I've been asked the most is, "What does it take to make chief?" Every time I've answered it, my response has been slightly different because there really isn't one secret formula. The only known method is actually pretty straightforward: make staff sergeant, then technical sergeant, then master sergeant, etc. You get the
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Default Air Force Logo COMMENTARY: High performing organizational behavior
Since arriving at RAF Mildenhall in June 2013, I am nothing short of amazed by the professionalism and performance level of the Bloody Hundredth and Team Mildenhall. I hear very few complaints from our Airmen, civilians and host nation teammates, so much so that I wonder, "Is there something just under the surface that I am missing?"The metrics and
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