Civilian Personnel: Mandatory Supervisory Training fact sheet

IAW AFI 36-401. Mandatory Supervisory Training must be completed within 6 months of starting the supervisory appointment.

POC - Christina Switzer Employee Development Specialist DSN 238 4063

Supervisors are required to complete the following courses as appropriate -

(1) USAF Supervisors Course
(2) Civilian Personnel Management Course (CPMC)
(3) Military Personnel Management Course (MPMC)

These 3 classes are completed on line in a structured class over a 4-6 week period. Individuals need to set a profile and register themselves for classes in advance and follow the instructions included in this information sheet. Virtual Campus Registration How to Guide.

(4) MOD Supervisory Training Class
This 1 day class is scheduled as demand requires at all bases in a classroom format.

(5) Local National Direct Hire Supervisory Training (6 hrs) is scheduled as demand requires in a classroom format in Building 435 RAF Mildenhall
POC (1)
POC (2)

(6) NAF Personnel Management Course (NPMC) on line training
Each HRO office will provide training to those requiring NAF Personnel Management Course
Names of those requiring training is provided by Employee Development specialist to the individual HRO offices