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100th Air Refueling Wing

100th Air Refueling Wing - FACT SHEET


100th Air Refueling Wing:

Conducts air refueling and combat support operations throughout the European and African area of responsibility. Directs reception and mobilizes for contingency operations. Base of support for four U.S. Air Force major command flying programs. Supports more than 16,000 military and civilian personnel, dependents, and retirees, to include U.S. Air Forces in Europe-United Kingdom, the 501st Combat Support Wing, 352nd Special Operations Wing, U.S. Army and five other partner units.


100th Comptroller Squadron:

Chief financial advisor to the 100th Air Refueling Wing commander and staff. Formulates, defends and executes $100 million budget for USAFE's sole organic refueling asset. Performs analysis and accounting support of $314 million for 100th ARW and partner units, including USAFE-UK, 501st CSW, 352nd Special Operations Wing and U.S. Army. Provides financial services to 6,500 military and civilian personnel throughout the U.K.


100th Operations Group:

Responsible for planning, intelligence support, scheduling and execution of USAFE’s air refueling operations across Europe and Africa. The group's two squadrons operate 15 KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft in support of multi-service, allied and coalition receiver aircraft flying training, exercise and contingency missions. The unit serves as an Air Expeditionary Group of a minimum of three squadrons and maintains and operates the only 24-hour U.S. Air Force airfield in the U.K.


100th Operations Support Squadron:

Provides training, operational and expeditionary support to five U.S. Air Force major commands and NATO allies in the European/African theaters, including flight scheduling, mission planning, tactics, combat crew communications, weather, aircrew flight equipment, flight and jump records management, KC-135 simulator, survival training and data analysis. Manages the wing flying-hour program, RAF Fairford's remote radio, tower and weather support and operates/maintains the U.K.'s only 24-hour U.S. Air Force airfield.


351st Air Refueling Squadron:

Provides operational air refueling, aeromedical evacuation, airlift and rapid contingency response options for U.S. and NATO fighter, bomber, and support and reconnaissance aircraft in airspace overlying the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia. Protects U.S. interests by employing 27 combat mission-ready KC-135 aircrews and 15 aircraft for contingency, defense operations planning/response, special operations and training missions from England and other forward operating locations.


100th Maintenance Group:

Accountable for full spectrum of aircraft and equipment maintenance, ensuring refueling operations, tactical airlift, special operations and Command and Control, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance readiness throughout the European Command, African Command and the Southwest Asian theaters. Provides mission-ready aircraft for sole organic air refueling capability in theater for USAFE, Air Combat Command, Air Force Special Operations Command and Air Mobility Command. Maintains regional fuel systems repair capability for all C-135 variant aircraft.  Deploys personnel and equipment in support of NATO, EUCOM, Central Command and AFRICOM.


100th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron:

Accountable for sortie generation and maintenance of 15 KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft valued at $1.3 billion and transient aircraft fulfilling Air Expeditionary Force tasks. Provides refueling, cargo movement and aeromedical evacuation capabilities in the EUCOM, AFRICOM and Southwest Asian theaters. Provides mission-ready aircraft for air refueling capability in theater for USAFE, ACC, AFSOC, AMC and NATO. Ensures readiness and deploys 220 personnel and equipment to EUCOM, CENTCOM and AFRICOM.


100th Maintenance Squadron:

Performs aircraft, component and ground maintenance support of USAFE, AFSOC, ACC, AMC and transient aircraft. Provides regional fuels systems repair capability for all C-135 variant aircraft. Manages $51 million in facilities, equipment and corrosion control programs, and provides oversight on $1.9 million transient alert contract. Maintains combat readiness and deploys more than 260 personnel and 650 equipment items in support of NATO, EUCOM, CENTCOM and AFRICOM operations.


100th Mission Support Group:

Provides base operating support enabling four MAJCOM flying programs and USAFE air refueling operations across Europe and Africa. Ensures base capabilities to deploy, receive, employ and sustain AEF. The group's five squadrons provide quality of life and personnel programs, facilities, civil engineering, communications, vehicles, material and security services to 16,000 military and civilian personnel, dependents and retirees.


100th Civil Engineer Squadron:

Provides comprehensive civil engineer support to 100th ARW and five partner units using 320 personnel and a $45 million annual budget. Constructs, maintains, repairs and operates a $2.8 billion physical plant of 1,167 acres with 1,136 base facilities and a 9,206-foot runway. Provides fire protection, emergency management and environmental protection to more than 16,000 people. Maintains 44 mobility teams with 133 personnel ready to deploy worldwide at all times.


100th Communications Squadron:

Executes cyberspace operations in support of the Department of Defense. Operates and defends a $78 million communications infrastructure providing voice, data, radio and long-haul connectivity while delivering innovative mission assurance for 100th ARW, USAFE-UK, ACC, AMC and AFSOC units' critical mission systems. Directs core knowledge management programs infusing asynchronous improvements. Provides full service postal services for 16,000 assigned personnel and dependents.


100th Force Support Squadron:

Provides in-garrison and deployed customer support to five MAJCOMs and combat forces assigned to four Combatant Commands. Supports morale and welfare of 16,000 personnel and dependents by enhancing readiness, esprit de corps and quality of life for one USAFE directorate and four wings with units at 12 separate locations. Includes personnel services, readiness, manpower, education, sustainment, recreation and mortuary programs. Maintains fiscal control of non-appropriated funds.


100th Logistics Readiness Squadron:

Provides comprehensive logistics to 100th ARW, five partner units and four geographically separated units. Stores, inventories and issues 25 million gallons of JP-8 fuel worth $92 million and controls $286 million in assets including a 570-vehicle fleet. Trains base unit deployment managers, cargo monitors, deployment personnel and equipment managers. Provides total travel, cargo and household good shipments. Manages all support agreements, war-readiness material and directs Team Mildenhall’s reception/deployment operations.


100th Security Forces Squadron:

Defends a 1,167-acre air base hosting 16,000 personnel and protects more than $2 billion in assigned aircraft. Maintains 31 mobility ready teams totaling a 243-person mobility commitment. Conducts pre-deployment combat and annual garrison training for squadron personnel. Administers critical security programs including military working dog, information, personnel industrial security, law enforcement, resource protection and antiterrorism/force protection.


Current as of July 2019