Civilian Personnel: LNDH roles and responsibilities talking paper

PURPOSE: The purpose of this paper is to highlight the role of the Civilian Personnel Office's administration of the Local National Direct Hire program

BACKGROUND: The CPO conducts all operations for the LNDH program throughout the United Kingdom, Norway, and Greenland

DISCUSSION: The CPO is responsible for 'cradle to grave' operations, whereas they administer all areas of the human resource arena from start to finish. Three distinctive areas of the LNDH program are: staffing, employee relations, position classification and management (resources).

Staffing consists of a variety of aspects the CPO is responsible for. Responsibilities include, but not limited to: filling positions, accepts/rates applications, prepares pre-employment requirements, security, criminal records, physical requirements, recruitment, qualification determination, inprocessing, job interview questions, training, etc.

Employee Relations
is the focal point between managers and supervisors. It consists of ensuring the supervisor and manager have the tools they need to ensure a harmonious workforce and performance standards are met. The CPO's responsibilities include, but are not limited to: guides for management and employees, complaints, grievances, appeals, sexual harassment, discrimination, occupational safety, on-the-job injuries, retirement, pension issues, leave administration - sick, annual, maternity, paternity, absent without leave and outprocessing. They also ensure separations and administrative actions are taken in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Performance Management: The CPO ensures all performance management is conducted in an equitable manner and meets the intent of all laws and regulations. The CPO conducts annual performance evaluations in coordination with the organizations, assists management to develop performance standards and plans, works with managers to develop performance improvement plans when needed, administers the Within Grade Increase (WIGI) program, administers the trial period evaluations, incentive awards, performance awards, probationary periods, and placements.

Position Classification and Management: The CPO works with the supervisor to ensure positions are within the scope of the mission and job descriptions accurately reflect the duties and responsibilities of the required job. The CPO classifies positions in coordination with Manpower and conducts classification reviews when necessary, conducts recertification of positions assigned to determine accuracy of the duties and responsibilities when necessary and ensures appeals are processed in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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(Last update July 20, 2011.)