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LNDH Current vacancies

  • DCMA
  • Job Title
 Announcement #                      Closing Date


  • Stavanger
  • Job Title
 Announcement #                      Closing Date

  • DECA
  Job Title                                                                                      Announcement#                     Closing Date
  Food Service Worker (Lakenheath) DECA VA22 RPA 604912 Open Until Filled 
X2 Store Assistant (Lakenheath) DECA VA22 RPA 601850 Open Until Filled 
  Food Service Worker (Mildenhall) DECA VA22 RPA 651128 Open Until Filled



  Job Title                                                                 Announcement#              Closing Date
  Dining Operations Assistant Manager Part Time (Recruitment Incentive Offered) 420 ABS VA22 458073N 05 Dec 2022
  Dining Operations Assistant Manager Full Time (Recruitment Incentive Offered)  420 ABS VA22 673225N 05 Dec 2022
  IT Specialist 420 ABS VA22 RPA 620386 Open Until Filled 
  Automotive Mechanic (Recruitment Incentive Offered) 420 ABS VA22 RPA 658752 Open Until Filled 



  Job Title                                                                 Announcement#              Closing Date
  Electrical QA 422 CES VA22 RPA 188635 Open Until Filled 
  Driver (Motor Vehicle Operator) 422 ABS VA22 RPA 494744N Open Until Filled 
X2 Educational Technician  422 ABS VA22 RPA 573459 12 Dec 2022 
  Nursery Assistant 422 ABS VA22 RPA 693702N Open Until Filled 
x2 Housekeeper (Full Time) 422 ABS VA22 RPA 676579N Open Until Filled 
  Recreation Assistant (Bowling Center) 422 ABS VA22 RPA 521821N Open Until Filled 
  Construction Control Inspector 422 CES VA22 RPA 678203 Open Until Filled 
  Client Care Assistant 422 CES VA22 RPA 539910 Open Until Filled


  Job Title                                                             Announcement#                                Closing Date
X2 Housekeeper (Cleaner) 423 FSS VA22 RPA 415770N Open Until Filled
X4 Nursery Assistant (Full Time and Part Time Positions) 423 FSS VA22 RPA 310339N Open Until Filled 
  Operations Assistant 423 FSS VA22 RPA 375025 28 Nov 2022 
  Security Assistant  423 SFS VA22 RPA 807244 12 Dec 2022 
  Firefighter 423 CES VA22 RPA 784637 08 Dec 2022 
  Firefighter HAZMAT 423 CES VA22 RPA 833499 08 Dec 2022 



    Job Title                                            Announcement# Closing Date
X2 Before and after School Assistant  48 FSS VA22 RPA 215451N Open Until Filled
  Electrician (Recruitment Incentive Offered)  48 CES VA22 RPA 628386 Open Until Filled 
X2 Kitchen Helper/Food Service Worker 48 FSS VA22 RPA 285372 Open Until Filled
  Maintenance Worker (Structures) 48 CES VA22 RPA 536153 Open Until Filled 
  Motor Vehicle Operator 48 LRS VA22 RPA 601623 Open Until Filled 
  Plumber (Recruitment Incentive Offered) 48 CES VA22 RPA 657202 Open Until Filled
  Food Service Worker 48 MDSS VA22 RPA 565831 Open Until Filled
  Housekeeper 48 FSS VA22 RPA 178052 Open Until Filled
  Food Service Worker (Pizza Place) 48 FSS VA22 RPA 717169 Open Until Filled
  Construction Control Inspector - Plumbing 48 CES VA22 RPA 610389 Open Until Filled
  Warehouse Operative 48 CES VA22 RPA 693593 Open Until Filed
  Computer Assistant 48 LRS VA22 RPA 723971 28 Nov 22
  Recreation Assistant (Wood Craft) 48 FSS VA22 RPA 723854 28 Nov 22
  Electronic Industrial Controls Mechanic 48 CES VA22 RPA 787728 28 Nov 22
  Fuel Distribution System Mechanic 48 CES VA22 RPA 698832 29 Nov 22
  Administrative Assistant 48 DHA VA22 RPA 821067 07 Dec 22
  Paramedic 48 DHA VA22 RPA 839657 08 Dec 22
  Fire Inspector 48 CES VA22 RPA 693615 08 Dec 22
  Autobody Repairer Technician 48 LRS VA22 RPA 724020 08 Dec 22



  Job Title                                                                               Announcement# Closing Date
  Food Service Assistant 421 ABS VA 22 RPA 749172 Open Until Filled 
  Contracting Specialist  NSA VA22 RPA 119552 Open Until Filled 


  Job Title                                                                      Announcement#                    Closing Date            
x6 Housekeeper 100 FSS VA21 RPA 345834N Open until Filled
x3 HGV/Bus Driver 100 LRS VA22 RPA 525435 Open until filled
x2 Janitor 100 FSS VA21 RPA 509420 Open until filled
x2 Painter 100 CES VA22 RPA 334080 Open until filled
x1 Plumber (Waste water) 100 CES VA22 RPA 701844 Open Until Filled
x2 Nursery Assistant (Unskilled) 100 FSS VA22 RPA 550939 Open Until Filled
  Bus Driver 100 LRS VA22 RPA 723741 Open Until Filled
  Passenger Service Agent 727 AMS VA22 RPA 667561 28 Nov 22
  Air Freight Loader 727 AMS VA22 RPA 761605 28 Nov 22
  Traffic Management Specialist USAFE VA22 RPA 790493 07 Dec 22

"Please note: Child Development Program Assistant and School Age Program Assistant positions can be filled at the entry level and provides promotion opportunities to the target position without further competition when the selectee is eligible and recommended by management. However, promotion is not guaranteed and no promise of promotion is implied." 

Civilian Personnel Office (LNDH)   DSN : 238-3540   Commercial: 01638 543540   U.S to overseas: 011-44-1638 543540

APO Mailing Address: 100 FSS/FSCA,  Unit 4702 APO, AE 094590

UK Mailing Address: 100 FSS/FSCA, Unit 4702, RAF Mildenhall, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 8NF