Joint RAF Mildenhall/Lakenheath Retiree Activities Office

Retired Activities Office & RAF Lakenheath Hospital Information Desk

Requirements are a few hours a week to serve as a focal point between the retiree community and active duty force.  

    - Hours at the RAF Lakenheath Hospital are flexible but can be to fit your schedule.  

    - Hours of the RAO office are from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday to Friday depending on staff availability.

    - Optimum hours are a few hours, one day a week, month or as when you are available.

    - Volunteers can be military retiree’s, their spouses or survivors.

Volunteers work with the Active Duty Force, assist all dependents, DOD civilians, Retirees and survivors by acting as a focal point providing information and guidance to retiree’s of all services.  Volunteers provide literature on retirement issues, UK settlement, on-base services offering referrals for financial assistance, pay matters, space-available travel, Tri-Care, passport and social security. Working with your fellow retirees is an enjoyable experience and satisfying feeling knowing that you have helped another Veteran or dependent with their needs or problems. It is also a great way to get together and rub elbows with fellow retirees and their spouses all working together to help the local retired military community.

For additional information about volunteering stop by or call us at the Retiree Activities Office, RAF Lakenheath, Bldg. 977, Rm G119. 

RAF Lakenheath Information desk or call Contact a Volunteer at 01638 52 2039 or (226-2039)

Email: 48fw.rao.uk@us.af.mil or rao1@us.af.mil


Volunteering is important in the military. Without it, many of our quality of life programs and community service activities wouldn’t exist. Without volunteers the Joint RAF Mildenhall/Lakenheath Retiree Activities Office would not be here to serve you.


A retiree or spouse, comes equipped with superior skills, great experience and an extra dose of grit! Your help is always needed. As a volunteer, you can set your own terms, spend as much or little time as you wish. If you have a vacation trip planned, someone else can carry on while you’ve gone. The more hands we have, the easier it will be for everyone. So regardless of how much time you can give, it’s a great way to stay involved. Being involved at some level with our community in promoting our military and their families, and being a “positive influencer” for them and our Nation is a great way to still serve. It keeps us unified and our military strong.




Unit 5209

APO AE 0946105209



Bldg. 1085

RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk IP27 9PN


Located in Bldg. 977,

Ground Floor, Room G119



10 a.m to 2 p.m.

Monday thru Friday when staff are available.


Phone numbers:

DSN 314- 226-2039/3310

COMM:  +44 – 01638 – 52 2039/3310


E-mail: 48fw.rao.uk@us.af.mil or rao1@us.af.mil