100th ARW leaders focus on future strategy

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Mackenzie Mendez
  • 100th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

Leaders from the 100th Air Refueling Wing participated in an annual strategic offsite meeting this past October to review and develop the strategy of the Bloody Hundredth at Royal Air Force Mildenhall.

Group and squadron commanders, superintendents, first sergeants and Wing Staff Agency chiefs discussed the critical issues facing Airmen of the Bloody Hundredth, and collaborated to de-conflict lines of effort while setting a framework to efficiently and effectively move into the future.

“Each year, the strategic offsite provides wing leaders an opportunity to shift focus from the down and in daily grind to an up and out three-point ready stance. The team instills a strategic outlook dedicated to establishing the wing’s strategy for the upcoming year,” said Master Sgt. Nicola Adams, 100th ARW Commander’s Action Group superintendent.

The meeting, hosted by Col. Troy Pananon, 100th ARW commander, provided each group and squadron commander with a stage to share their mission, highlight their Airmen, identify key requirements, limiting factors and unit best practices. The CAG facilitated the conversation aimed at codifying a way-ahead, accelerating into the New Year and beyond.

“The development and execution of strategy is a collaborative effort,” explained Maj. Dante Earle, 100th ARW CAG chief. “By bringing leadership together for a strategic offsite from across base, we leverage the full weight of our diverse perspectives enhancing our ability to sync initiatives, dream as a team, and delineate lines of effort…all with the goal of improving our overall lethality and enriching the quality of life for our Airmen; it allows the wing commander to focus the wing’s collective attention towards the priorities of the installation. This year, those priorities did not change, and remain centered around Airmen, readiness and culture.”

While the 100th ARW commander is the final authority for all strategy changes, the strategy is designed to be a living document maintained by the CAG and updated throughout the year.

Throughout the meeting, wing leaders discussed lasting impacts on the wing and its Airmen, including the Mildenhall Model organizational restructure, Agile Combat Employment, and the Air Force chief of staff and chief master sergeant of the Air Force focus areas.