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Team Mildenhall promotes healthy lifestyle through sports

RAF MILDENHALL, England -- Billy Kemper, 100th Operations Group player, takes a swing during the Mildenhall Intramural Softball Championship Aug. 4. The 100th OG took the championship title after a two-game run against the combined 95th Reconissance Squadron and 488th Intelligence Squadron team, winning the first game 6-5 and the second in a 19-2 blowout. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Thomas Trower)

(U.S. Air Force file photo)

RAF MILDENHALL, England -- Pete Shayhorn, 100th Operations Group player, makes an unsuccessful attempt to steal the ball from Bethany "Mantis" Mettes in an intramural soccer match near the Hardstand Fitness Center here Sept. 21. The 100th OG fought hard against the 100th Force Support Squadron, although being two players short proved too difficult an obstacle to overcome and OG lost the match 1-4. The 100th FSS lead scorer, Jonathan Fraher, placed two goals under his belt and was assisted in the win by single goals from Philip Rosen and Carlos Sanchez. Shayhorn was the sole OG scorer. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Thomas Trower)

(U.S. Air Force file photo)

RAF MILDENHALL, England – John Wilson, 488th Intelligence Squadron, wins the tip off against Daniel Porter, 100th Maintenance Squadron, at the start of the Intramural Basketball Championship game at the Hardstand Gym Feb. 18. Both teams battled hard for two 20 minute periods with MXG finishing on top with the final score of 63-55, becoming RAF Mildenhall’s 2010 Intramural Basketball Champions. (U.S. Air Force photo/ Staff Sgt. Jerry Fleshman)

(U.S. Air Force file photo)

RAF MILDENHALL, England -- With many ways of staying active and fit, many members of Team Mildenhall have found sports a fun and competitive way to stay on track.

"Sports programs offer Airmen a chance to enjoy an activity while burning a few calories," Tech. Sgt. Dion Jordan, 100th Force Support Squadron, stated in an e-mail. "The only way to stay truly fit, of course, is regular exercise and proper diet, but a sport offers team building, stress relief, fun and keeps you involved with your unit."

Sergeant Jordan also emphasized that every level of fitness is accepted.

"Being good at sports is a plus, but it's definitely not a must," he said. "The important part is just coming out to support and participate."

Playing sports can carry with it risks of injury.

"There are injuries like sprains or pulled muscles but that's expected from time to time." Sergeant Jordan said. "We stress warming up and stretching before any kind of strenuous activity to minimize them."

Those who have participated in the sports program said it was beneficial to them in many ways.

"The competition helps keep me motivated to stay active and fit," said Senior Airman Carlos Sanchez, 100th Force Support Squadron. "I've been doing sports since I was young, so intramural sports is a great chance to continue that passion."

Senior Airman Denny Williams, 100th Communications Squadron, agreed.

"I love the competition and the squadron pride," he said. "It also helps me to stay fit because I am motivated to be better and faster than the next guy."

With up to nine different sports programs including basketball, softball, volleyball, indoor and outdoor soccer, indoor and outdoor flag-football, and others to choose from intramural sports can be a great way to enhance your fitness program and stay involved with your unit.

For more information about intramural sports contact Tech. Sgt. Dion Jordan at DSN 238-3735.