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Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century is about making improvements. It's about a culture change and a new way of doing business to enhance our ability to fly and fight. These changes involve eliminating waste and implementing continuous improvement efforts to save resources while improving the productivity of our most valuable resources, our people. We must remember that continuous improvement is a journey, not a destination and we must accept that we can always do better tomorrow. 

If have a good idea The 100 ARW AFSO21 office would like to here it. Suggestions can be e-mailed to: 100ARW.AFSO21@mildenhall.af.mil , or can be subittmed via the AF 100 ARW AFSO21 CoP which can be accessed via the AF portal.

If you have any questions you can call the office's director, Lt. Col. Larry S. Walker, at DSN 238-7132 or Senior Master Sgt. Ray Boone at DSN 238-7131.
The following additional information is broken into three categories: "Getting started," "Success stories" and "Training and Recommended Reading."

Getting Started
RAF Mildenhall stands up full-time AFSO21 office
Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century: Why should I care?
Make the next year 'the year of why' 
RAFM puts sortie generations under AFSO 21 scope
Ritter: AFSO21...not some short-term reaction  
Real improvement takes culture change

Success Stories
New FOD sweeper saves more than 13,000 work hours a year
AFSO21: Open to suggestions; helping make life better for Airmen
AFSO21 initiative means FOD checks reduced
'Give me $20,000 and I will save you $200,000...
New processes save time for war fighter 
AFSO 21 breathes new life into old system 
Vehicle maintenance Airmen use AFSO21 initiative 
352nd MXS maintainers lean forward to keep MC-130 fleet in top shape 
AF tackles ancillary training 
Working Smart

100th Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle maintenance Airmen use AFSO21 initiatives

Training and Recommended Reading
Not sure about some of the terms associated with Lean Thinking and AFSO21? Click here for a definition of related terms and concepts

Required Reading/Course List: Important Notes:  Links will either take you to the course or "Cliff Notes" for the book. All personal reviews are the sole opinion of Lt. Col. Larry Walker unless otherwise noted. The books on the reading list are available at the base library

Lean Thinking, Dan Jones and Jim Womack (658 WOMACK) 
Creating a Lean Culture, David Mann (658.401 MANN)

Essential Reading/Course List: 
The Toyota Way, Jeffrey Liker (658.5 LIKER) 
Lean Solutions, Dan Jones and Jim Womack (658.812 WOMACK)

Lean Reading - General: 
Gemba Kaizen, A Commonsense, Low-Cost Approach to Management, Masaaki Imai 
The Machine that Changed the World, Dan Jones and Jim Womack (338.4762 WOMACK) 
Lean Lexicon, Lean Enterprise Institute (658.5 LEA) 
Breaking through to Flow, Ian Glenday (658.5 GLENDAY) 
Kaizen, Masaaki Imai

Lean - General Management: 
Sense and Respond: The Journey to Customer Purpose, Stephen Perry (658.812 PERRY) 
The Gold Mine, Freddie and Michael Balle (F BALLE)

LEAN - Principles 
Creating Level Pull, Art Smalley 
Making Materials Flow, Rick Harris, Chris Harris and Earl Wilson (658.5 HARRIS) 
Creating Continuous Flow, Mike Rother and Rick Harris (658.5 ROT)

Value Stream Mapping 
Learning to See, Mike Rother and John Shook (658.5 ROTHER) 
Seeing the Whole, Dan Jones and Jim Womack

Six Sigma 
Six Sigma for Dummies, Craig Gygi (658.4013 GYGI) 
The Six Sigma Way, Team Fieldbook, Pande, Neuman and Cavanaugh (658.562 PAN)

Leadership/Developing a Cultural Change 
Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done, Larry Bossidy (658 BOS) 
Good to Great, Jim Collins (658 COL) 
Built to Last, Jim Collins (658 COL) 
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni (658.4036 LEN)