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Lodging and housing

Lodging Office

There are 68 temporary lodging facility (TLF) units at RAF Mildenhall. The TLFs are equipped for a family of four and include a modern kitchenette with microwave, cooking and eating utensils, color television (cable TV), DVD and laundry facilities. Some rooms are pet friendly so let your sponsor know if you wish to have one of these rooms and they can check for availability.

Check-in time is after 3:00 pm. Personnel arriving earlier in the day, for the cost of one night's lodging, can start their reservation one day earlier and have their sponsor pick up the key the evening before arrival. (Your sponsor must check into room before 6 pm.) This will eliminate having to wait for a clean room as late as 1500 hours, which is the scheduled check-in time.
The extra night WILL NOT be reimbursed by the government; however, your room will be ready immediately upon arrival. The current TLF nightly rate is available through reservations.

Commercial Phone: 011-44-1638-546001
Commercial FAX: 011-44-1638-543688
DSN Phone: (314) 238-6001
DSN FAX: (314) 238-3688
Reservations: Commercial 011-44-1638-542655/2965 or DSN 238-2655/2965
Reservations can also be made by e-mailing: lodgemhz@mildenhall.af.mil
Opening hours: 24 hours, 7 Days a week.

Military Family Housing
A variety of military family housing (MFH) units are situated at several locations. Properties in the UK range from 600 to approx 1200 square feet, which is smaller than in the US. Not all housing units have multi voltage (240V and 110V) outlets. Due to construction methods and insurance liabilities, waterbeds are not permitted in MFH.

Due to the climate, there are no Air Conditioning units, or fly screens provided in MFH.
Storage space is limited - both externally and internally for many housing units. Very few MFH areas have covered, or garage parking availability. US vehicles generally do not fit in garages. There are limited parking bays and street parking berths.

NTSC/Non multi system televisions can only be used with Armed Forces Network and for watching NTSC DVD and VCR Players. Most cable providers use the PAL system. There is a two pet maximum in MFH.

If you have children you should check that the MFH is on the school bus route. For further information contact the School Bus Office at DSN 314-226-5077 or commercially from the UK at 01638-525077.

The active duty member is responsible for applying for base housing. This can be done pre-arrival at the losing base. Average waiting times for Military Family Housing are subject to change. It is essential to check waiting times and your status on the housing waiting list at the Housing Management Office on arrival.

Living on the Economy

Securing housing before you arrive can be challenging. You often do not get a "feel" for the neighborhood unless you are here to take a look and judge for yourself. Also there are small villages, small towns and larger cities that you can choose to live in based on your lifestyle preference. Furthermore, the procedures for buying a home are different than in the states. The base housing office will assist you upon your arrival, but we realize that people like to get information before they arrive. We encourage you to visit your local Family Support Center where they can access more detailed information on housing in the RAF Mildenhall area. 

You will receive a housing briefing as part of your inprocessing schedule, but if you wish to contact the Housing Office beforehand they can be reached at DSN: 314-238-5233, or commercial 01638-545233.

The Mildenhall Airman & Family Readiness Center has more information on Home Buying in the UK. Upon your arrival, call DSN: 314-238-3406, or commercially at 01638-543406.