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Welcome from the Airman & Family Readiness Center

RAF MILDENHALL, England -- The Base Individualized Newcomer Treatment and Orientation (INTRO) Manager, and the rest of the RAF Mildenhall Airman & Family Readiness Center, would like to take this opportunity to convey our warmest welcome to you and your family. Whichever unit you are assigned to, we at Team Mildenhall will endeavor to make your transition as smooth and stress free as possible.

Prior to your PCS, we recommend you visit the Relocation Team at your current Family Support Center or Airman & Family Readiness Center for information to assist you in your move to England. There is a lot of information available to you, either in the form of a class, a briefing or online at Military Installations http://www.militaryinstallations.dod.mil/ and Plan My Move:
http://www.militaryhomefront.dod.mil/portal/page/itc/MHF/MHF_HOME_1?section_id=20.40.500.400. and we have provided some basic information for you here.

Do You Have A Sponsor?
As the focal point for the RAF Mildenhall Sponsorship program we will strive to ensure that you are assigned a sponsor in a timely manner, receive information to assist with your move, and that your sponsor assists you as much as possible. Your sponsor is the key to your successful PCS and should be your first stop for information concerning travel to RAF Mildenhall.

Sponsor Responsibilities:
Your assigned squadron at Mildenhall will appoint you a sponsor. If the sponsor does not contact you directly, you may have to obtain the contact information through the gaining squadron's orderly room, or your local orderly room. If you experience difficulties please email our Relocation Team at 100mss.dpf@mildenhall.afmil, or call DSN: 314-238-3406, or Commercial: 011-44-1638-54-3406.

· General Information
The sponsor is your point of contact for obtaining information and is there to assist you in getting settled here in England. You can direct any question you wish to your sponsor. Keep in mind that when a sponsor is assigned to an active duty member with a family, they do not only sponsor the active duty member, they address the needs of the entire family including pets.

They can provide information on local transportation modes that can save you valuable time and hassle upon arrival in London. Be sure to contact them for assistance and keep them informed of your travel plans.

· Post Office Box
Your sponsor is responsible for obtaining a Post Office box for you to start redirecting your mail, and they will need a copy of your orders to do so.

If you wish to secure one yourself, provide the following details to the Post Office as well as a copy of your orders:

- Name of military member (first, middle and last)
- Rank
- Current DSN
- Current Unit and Address
- Report No Later Than Date
- Married or Single
- Dependent first and last names

Send the information by email to 100cs.poc@mildenhall.af.mil or Fax to DSN 314-328-2586. For more information please phone DSN:314-238-2151 or 011-44-1638-542151. the Post Office cannot process a request for a personal mailbox without this documentation, and the information you submit is protected by 5 USC 552a (Personal Data Privacy Act of 1974).

Tip: During your outbound briefings inquire about how to get reimbursed for mailing items.

General Delivery services are provided for 30 days, after this time frame the mail will be returned to sender. The temporary/general delivery mailing address for Mildenhall is:

APO AE 09459

All TDY personnel should go to the Customer Service Desk at the Post Office as soon as possible after they arrive so that a General Delivery File can be set up for them.

The Military Postal System provides most of the same services as the United States Postal System, but you may expect your mail to take a bit longer to be delivered because of the extra distance it must travel. Priority packages and letter-class mail arrive in approximately 12 days. Magazines and surface mail may take from 4 to 8 weeks. Express mail service may be purchased for delivery to CONUS in 3 to 4 days. Delivery confirmation is not yet available at Air Force post Offices. For complete guidance, please see USAFE Pamphlet 33-102 or go to http://www.usps.com.

· Lodging Arrangements:
Your sponsor should also make Lodging arrangements for you. If you wish to do this simply contact the Lodging Office at DSN:314-226-6713 or 011-44-1638-526713, or e-mail lodgemhz@mildenhall.af.mil. You can make reservations up to a year in advance and lodging will require a copy of orders when they are available. If Lodging has no space for you they will have a list of off-base establishments. If you must stay off base then make sure to obtain a non-availability slip from the Lodging Office. This will ensure that Finance will reimburse you.

Make certain that your off-base Temporary Lodging Facility is within your per diem rate by visiting https://secureapp2.hqda.pentagon.mil/perdiem/allowcol.html . This site will also provide you with information on your Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) and Cost of Living Allowance (COLA). The Finance Office at your current base can also supply you with these rates.

Your sponsor is there to help you, however we cannot stress enough how important it is to keep in contact with your sponsor and to make them aware of when you will be arriving. Sponsorship is a two-way street!

The Airman & Family Readiness Center will support you once you arrive:

Once you are settled in we have some great classes for you and your family. We will assist you with any needs you may have as you settle into the community. Assistance specifically related to our newcomers includes:

Welcome To Britain Class: Understanding local customs, the people and of course the country. Learn about Ireland, Scotland, and London. You can ask questions, meet new friends and enjoy a cup of tea, relax, and soak in the British culture.

Bury St Edmunds Bus Trip: Spend a few hours with us in the historical town of Bury St Edmunds. Newcomers can sign up to visit the Cathedral, market place, and local pub for lunch. It's a great day out for the family on a Wednesday, and the trip is absolutely free! First Term Airmen go to Duxford Airfield instead of joining the trip to Bury.

Family Services Loan Locker: Items are available to military families and single members moving in or out of RAF Mildenhall and those temporarily assigned here. While you are waiting for your household goods, we have pots, pans, dishes, linens, irons, ironing boards, toasters, coffee makers, infant and toddler car seats and strollers and more. Bring in one copy of your orders and we will take care of the rest. Commissary coupons will also save money on your purchases, and these are valid for 6 months beyond the expiration date.

Spouse Employment: One of the first things spouses are concerned about is where they can find work. Make an appointment with us and learn about employment on base and in the local community.

Many other specialized workshops, seminars and classes are available for you, and to sign up just call DSN 314-238-3406, or commercial 011-44-1638-543406. Here's some further information on the services we can offer you:

Information and referral program's core function is to link individuals and families with the right resource to meet their needs. Whether you are new to the United Kingdom and/or Air Force - you may have questions about living overseas or about different base agencies. The Airman & Family Readiness Center has a database of on- and off-base resources available to active duty and family members. Our goal is to make this an easy experience you enjoy.

Personal financial management program is designed to aid individuals in financial matters such as budgeting, debt reduction/ liquidation, goal setting, and basic investment planning.

Air Force Aid Society: The Air Force Aid Society is also in the center. This service provides emergency financial and educational assistance to active duty Air Force members, retirees, and their families. Additionally, the AFAS supports a number of base programs such as spouse tuition assistance, Car Care Because We Care (for deployed spouses), Give Parents a Break, and volunteer child care.

Family life education provides a range of prevention, education and enrichment services designed to strengthen Airmen and their families. Here are some of the FLE programs available:

- Who Moved My Cheese; fun & creative way to look at change
- Healthy Relationships; how to balance work, family and life
- Time Management; learn various tools for balancing your life
- Relationship Enrichment: marriage education
- Bundles for Babies; learn about life with a baby
- Single Parent Support Group

Family readiness program provides advice and resources on family readiness issues and assistance to family members before, during, and after times of mobilization, deployments/separation or evacuation. The family readiness coordinator promotes preparedness for these situations through family education and development of assistance programs such as pre-deployment, deployment and reintegration seminars, spouse support groups, Hearts Apart program i.e. deployed dinners, Give Parents a Break and Car Care Because We Care programs. In addition, the coordinator helps families maintain contact during separations through morale calls, video phones and e-mail.

Volunteer resource program maintains a job bank of volunteer positions where volunteers will gain new skills, obtain work experience, and help the overall morale and well being of the community.

Career focus program; the overall goal of the career focus program is to enhance the marketability and employability of family members at RAF Mildenhall. Achieving this goal means assisting in career planning; helping family members learn job-search skills; increasing opportunities for paid and volunteer employment; increasing opportunities for vocational and educational development and increasing access to employment information.

Transition Assistance Program provides the tools and training to retiring or separating Air Force members, DoD civilians and their family members, necessary to help them make a successful transition from the military to civilian life. It provides individualized transition counseling to help clients explore and assess their employment strengths. The bottom line is to provide the customer with as many transition options as possible. The program also teaches subjects outside the normal transition time parameters (i.e. resume writing, skills assessment, etc.) so that potential separatees/retirees can anticipate future needs.

We look forward to meeting you, and serving you in the not too distant future!