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Medical services

RAF Mildenhall --
Medical and Tricare Services
The 48th Medical Group plays a key role as the military referral center for the United Kingdom and beyond. Its focus is to provide customers with local service whenever possible. The group also offers several surgical procedures performed nowhere else in USAFE. The medical group provides care for approx 30,000 beneficiaries locally and many others throughout Britain.

48th Medical Operations Squadron
The 48th Medical Operations Squadron is responsible for access to care for all personnel assigned except for flying squadrons and their families. With a wide variety of specialties represented among the seven flights, the squadron keeps pace with the agencies it supports.
Other special programs under medical operations include the family advocacy First Steps program, which provides information to new parents. There's also the Air Force Education and Developmental Intervention Services, a joint program for Department of Defense Schools, which provides therapeutic intervention and medically-related services for children with disabilities.

Immunization clinic
Medical records and shot records are required for all immunizations. Medical records are not required for TB skin tests.

Dental Clinic
The dental clinic offers both general dentistry and special dental treatment for active-duty and family members. Although routine dental care for family members is available overseas, extensive treatment and special care is limited. Full use of the TRICARE Active Duty Family Member Dental Plan entitlements before arrival in Great Britain is strongly encouraged. Family members in dental class III, extensive treatment or potential emergency, will delay the assignment until the condition is corrected. Sponsors are advised to consult their local TRICARE office for advice regarding continued enrollment in the family member dental plan. Orthodontic care is provided as a continuation of care for active duty personnel and family members who transfer to our community with braces placed prior to notification of assignment. Because of the large number of patients in this category, the opportunity to initiate new orthodontic care is extremely limited.

Emergency dental care to relieve severe pain, infection or trauma is available to all beneficiaries.

The only option that requires enrollment is TRICARE Europe Prime. If you opt not to enroll your family members, they will default to the Standard option. A military primary-care manager will serve as the medical manager for all your health care needs. Your primary-care manager will always be your point of contact when you need medical care, except in emergency situations. If your primary-care manager cannot meet your specific health-care need, he or she will coordinate a specialty appointment with the appropriate healthcare provider. The specialist will notify your primary care manager of his or her findings so that he or she can continue your care.

It is important for you to understand and decide which TRICARE program is right for you. For more information on TRICARE Europe, contact the TRICARE Service Center at DSN: 226-8688. For health beneficiary services, call DSN: 226-8694.

Making an appointment
Most clinics see patients between 0730. - 1630. Access to most clinics can be gained by calling central appointments at DSN: 226-8010 weekdays. The following clinics maintain their own appointment books and may require a consult to receive an appointment: allergy; audiology; ear, nose and throat; family advocacy; general surgery; internal medicine; occupational therapy; physical therapy; and radiology.

Sick call
There is no sick call program here. It is at the supervisor's discretion to offer 24 hours off duty due to illness. An appointment is not required for sick call for active duty members.

Emergency services
The emergency room is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for cases that need immediate attention. Emergencies and more acutely ill patients are given priority.

TRICARE offers a free consultation service to help determine whether a trip to the emergency room is necessary. Military members and dependents may call (0800) 896409 to speak with a registered nurse.

Pharmacy refill policy
The pharmacy is open Monday - Friday from 0800 - 1700, and refills must be telephoned in by 1600 each day to be ready the following morning. Call DSN: 226-8346/ 8347 or commercial 01638 528346/8347. Individuals with unique medication needs should call in their refills one week before running out. Refills must be collected within five working days.