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Annual Military Marriage Conference slated March 2 to 4

RAF Mildenhall -- Couples from across England will gather at the Crowne Plaza Cambridge March 2 to 4 for a Romance and Reintegration Military Marriage Conference.

In the past, couples have attended from every Air Force base in the U.K. This annual Military Marriage Conference is sponsored by the RAFs Mildenhall and Lakenheath chapel communities. The chapels help subsidize the cost of this event to make it affordable for the larger base community. This course is taught from an Evangelical Protestant perspective, and is open to all who are interested in attending.

March 2, couples learn about factors that can destroy intimacy in marriage. March 3's topics include, God's blueprint for marriage, how to receive your spouse as God's gift to you, and how to understand one another.

The afternoon of March 3 is open for participants to explore Cambridge, and in the evening they'll have a second communication class covering sexual intimacy. Then they will have time to enjoy an evening out in Cambridge. March 4, couples learn how to develop teamwork in marriage by understanding the roles of a husband and wife and learn how to resolving conflict in relationships.

The day closes with a session titled, "How to leave a legacy of destiny." Couples have time to complete projects during the weekend that allow them to personalize what the speakers say.

Registration forms are available at the Mildenhall and Lakenheath Chapels.
For more information, please contact Amy Back via e-mail at lvsroses2003 @yahoo.com or by phone (01638) 532831 or (07766) 974921.