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Top 10 traits to dazzle the IG

RAF Mildenhall -- 1. Competence - Know your job inside and out and perform those duties to the best of your ability despite the inspection scenario or the inspector's glare.

2. Responsiveness - Always show a "sense of urgency"; lean forward in the starting blocks and then realistically propel yourself into every activity.

3. Attitude - Display a positive attitude and recognize that enthusiasm is contagious and that problems always arise in the "Fog of War" and can be overcome.

4. Readiness - Ensure your bags are packed, mobility requirements are current, the paperwork process in your work section is in perfect order and you have trained effectively so you can infallibly perform your duties in peace and war.

5. Aggressiveness - React authoritatively with ability to survive and operate skills in attack scenarios with Self-Aid and Buddy Care in medical emergencies. Effectively continue mission-essential activities in all force protection condition levels and treat inspections and exercises as the real thing.

6. Appearance - Look people in the eye, pop that sharp salute and exceed the standards for uniform, boots and hair.

7. Safety - Approach duties with a safety-oriented mind set, know when not to press forward on actions because they're unsafe and apply operational risk management in accomplishing the mission.

8. Leadership - Lead by words and actions, formally and informally, by motivating, communicating and setting a positive example.

9. Followership - Follow taskings and orders quickly and effectively, employ teambuilding skills, and always keep the objective in sight.

10. Pride - Visibly exude pride in yourself, your unit, your mission and your base: Look good, feel good and be a winner.