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Extreme Summer offers prizes for services participation

RAF MILDENHALL, England -- The Extreme Summer program is in full swing and runs until Aug. 31. Prizes include a car and motorcycle for adults, and Disneyland trips and bicycles for children. 

Every 100th Services Squadron event is a potential points-earner for children and adults alike, whether they participate in youth-center events, Information, Tickets and Travel trips, or outdoor recreation events. 

Children 8 to 18, and adults with U.S. ID cards and a Social Security number can take part. People can sign up on-line at www.extremesummer.com, and once they have, they can start racking up points. 

One way people earn points is by becoming a base volunteer. For every volunteer hour, 50 Extreme Summer points are earned. 

"All people have to do is get a letter from wherever they volunteer, confirming the number of hours worked since June 1, and they can earn points," said Stephanie Lown, Bob Hope Community Center director. "It's as simple as that." 

Ms. Lown added that different points can be earned depending on the length of an activity or trip. One day or less earns 50 points; those taking two to three days can earn 100 points. Thursday activities earn double points. 

Previous Extreme Summer events have included role-model visits from George Huff and Paige Hemmis. 

The visit for this year's program is Aug. 10, when a "Wonder Woman" look-alike will visit RAF Mildenhall. 

Staff Sgt. Cathy Madura, 100th Air Refueling Wing Staff Judge Advocate Office, signed up early and won a trip to Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch, Germany. 

"I couldn't believe it when services called," she said. "I was wondering why they were calling me at home. Once they told me I had won, I thought they'd called the wrong person. I'm really looking forward to taking my son on the trip." 

Sergeant Madura was one of two winners of an Edelweiss trip. The other was Tech. Sgt. Juan Lu, from the 100th Communications Squadron. 

Participating in activities is a great way to make friends and learn things about the local area, as well as earning points. 

"It gets people out and about, rather than sitting at home. The program offers a diverse range of activities, and it offers points for things folks may do every day," Mrs. Lown said.