100th CES develop new tank system, saves $1.6 million

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  • 100th Civil Engineer Squadron

Royal Air Force Mildenhall had been replacing old tank systems with an above ground storage tank system which costs approximately $100,000 per tank. To replace all 18 heating oil tank systems required to meet AFMC standards would cost approximately $1.8 million. In fiscal year 2020, the 100th CES secured $400,000 towards the replacement costs. Unfortunately, the cost and rate of funding is unsustainable to ensure quality of life for RAF Mildenhall Airmen and their families. To remedy this, the 100th CES Environmental Management section reviewed the approach and went back to basics to bring innovation to Team Mildenhall.

Mark Calvert, 100th CES environmental program manager, contacted a local tank manufacturing company to design a more economical tank system that meets Air Force requirements. Calvert, along with Mark Miller, 100th CES project manager, worked with the local company to develop a new design which the Air Force Civil Engineer Center approved in July 2021.

The new design resulted in 90% savings per tank. The total project cost to replace the tank systems was reduced to $180,000, generating a savings of $1.6 million. The new design also reduced the replacement timeline to 18 months for all 18 tanks. In addition, the new tank system will require less maintenance and servicing, generating long term savings.

The first tank system was installed at building 621 on Nov. 4, 2021. After the final inspection is completed to ensure the tank system meets all specifications and compliance, the remaining 17 tank systems will be built and installed. The project is anticipated to be completed in early 2024.