Mildenhall DFAC back in full force

  • Published
  • By Airman Alvaro Villagomez
  • 100 ARW PA

Mildenhall DFAC, back in full force

ROYAL AIR FORCE MILDENHALL, England – The Gateway Dining Facility at Royal Air Force Mildenhall is back in full force after its recent menu improvements to offer an improved dining experience for customers.

The DFAC, operated by Airmen assigned to the 100th Force Support Squadron, began opening many of its services in late 2021, after adapting to low manning in support of Operations Allied Refuge. After receiving a no notice deployment tasker, the Airmen of the 100th FSS began to shift their focus to the customers at the Gateway dining facility. 

“Our primary purpose is to serve our customers: the Airmen in the dorms,” said Tech. Sgt. Kevonda Erving, 100th FSS DFAC manager. “Our top priority is making this a comfortable place for our customers to enjoy the food we serve and that means having a variety of healthy and tasty options available for them.”

The DFAC faced major setbacks due to the lack of supplies being delivered which limited the options available to customers. The DFAC was left with an unanticipated food after their primary food vendor supplied subsistence to Ramstein AB. 

After receiving feedback from Airmen on base, the DFAC Airmen revamped the salad bar, opened the grill, added additional entrée options and a dessert menu.

After the 100th FSS Airmen implemented an improved menu, DFAC customers increased and FSS began to receive an increase of positive feedback.

“Having people appreciate you and the hard work that you do really brings joy to the day. It’s like a little push to go harder, it’s motivating and I absolutely think it’s great,” said Senior Airman Ashlee Cannon, 100th FSS DFAC shift leader. “I want to create a livelier environment in here. We’re looking at adding speakers to play music and overall bring up the vibe and make it a better experience.”

The Airmen from the 100th FSS are motivated to keep improving the quality of life at the DFAC by listening to feedback by overall improving aesthetics and function to provide more for their customers and the Airmen on base.

“I hope that we can continue to satisfy our customers and listen to their feedback,” said Erving. “We have a couple ideas planned coming up in the next few weeks and we’re hoping to bring in more satisfaction and fun to everyone who decides to dine with us.”

To provide feedback on the Gateway Dining Facility, customers can visit the or visit the DFAC.