RAF Mildenhall naturalizes military spouses Feb. 26, 2024

ROYAL AIR FORCE MILDENHALL, England – The U.S. Air Force offers services and programs to military spouses, ensuring they receive the support they need as they go through unique challenges faced by military families to enhance their quality of life.

The Royal Air Force Mildenhall Military & Family Readiness Center facilitated a naturalization ceremony for nine military spouses from seven different countries on Feb. 13, 2024.

The M&FRC provides U.S. naturalization ceremonies to spouses of U.S. military members through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Washington, D.C. They provide navigation for military spouses to complete the naturalization process.

“The M&FRC has a unique partnership with the USCIS to provide information, resources, and naturalization interviews, culminating in an Oath of Allegiance ceremony for foreign-born military spouses seeking U.S. citizenship,” said Liz Bland, RAF Mildenhall M&FRC team lead.

The naturalization process includes the application process, citizenship interview and exam, and the Oath of Allegiance ceremony, where the spouses declare their loyalty to the U.S. and commitment to their new responsibilities as citizens. The current process takes 18 to 24 months on average.

“It takes your [U.S.] patriotism to a whole different level,” said Lisa Baizar, RAF Mildenhall M&FRC data management technician. “I am a Belize native and became naturalized last year after going through the process for seven years [due to COVID-19 and permanent changes of station]. I am very grateful.”