• RAF Mildenhall saving lives one oxygen mask at a time

    When an in-flight emergency happens, the last thing anyone wants to question is the condition of an oxygen mask, which could be the barrier between life and death. The 100th Operations Support Squadron aircrew flight equipment shop makes it their goal for that question never to be asked. The AFE

  • SAFETY FIRST: Slowing Down Saves Lives

    The smell of burning charcoal lingers in the air over RAF Mildenhall as families and friends begin to soak up the warm summer air. A group of Airmen gather at the barbecue pit behind their dormitory and carelessly slap a rack of juicy marinated ribs on the grill. "This is the life," one exclaims, as

  • SAFETY FIRST: Safe Summer Cookin'

    Do you smell it? The aroma of slow-burning charcoal, sizzling steaks, hot dogs and fresh Alaskan salmon is lingering in the mild Suffolk air.The British summer is in full-swing. For many Americans, the sporadic hot, sunny days are a prime opportunity to fire up the old barbecue, and grill their

  • SAFETY FIRST: Driving and Alcohol Don't Mix

    School is out and children are abuzz. A slow drive through Liberty Village or any other housing area reveals kids kicking soccer balls, throwing baseballs, 'decorating' the sidewalks with chalk and skateboarding.Back stateside and sometimes here in England, the summer is a time for Airmen to soak up

  • 100th CES reminds Team Mildenhall to stay safe this holiday season

    For most, the holiday season represents a time for family, festivities and good cheer. What few consider is that the holiday season is a time when there is an increased risk of home fires due to extra activities. Christmas trees, candle usage, increased cooking and holiday decorations significantly