RAF Mildenhall's FY 10 Economic Impact Statement

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U.S. Air Forces in Europe has published the Economic Impact Analysis for fiscal year 2010. The entire RAF Mildenhall community was evaluated for the study.

This community consists of U.S. Air Force personnel and civilians, as well as host nation civilian employees that work in military units and support activities like dining facilities, recreation centers, the exchange, and the commissary. Non-military activities like banks, credit unions, and local vendors round out the RAF Mildenhall community. There were 354 officers, 2,600 enlisted, 423 U.S. Civilians and 769 local-national civilian employees stationed here that were included in the report.

The findings show that people stationed at RAF Mildenhall boost the local economy by spending portions of their income off base on housing and utilities, restaurants, entertainment, and basic necessities. Last year, military personnel stationed here spent $110.9 million (all references are USD), U.S. civilian employees spent $14.4 million and local-national employees spent $44.2 million on the economy.

RAF Mildenhall also boosts the economy of its host community by spending on locally purchased materials, supplies, equipment and contracts. In addition, recreational and other support organizations like on-base vendors and banks also make purchases that benefit the local economy. Over the studied year, RAF Mildenhall spent $47.5 million for construction related purchases or materials and services, $39.4 million on services, and $18.1 million on material, equipment and supplies for daily operations.

Off-base spending also has an economic ripple effect as businesses hire employees to meet the demands of their RAF Mildenhall customers. This increases local employment and further benefits the local economy. During fiscal year 2010, RAF Mildenhall contributed to 1,369 indirect jobs created in the local area that value $58.3 million.

The total amount spent on the local economy as a result of RAF Mildenhall's presence was $332.7 million.

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