• Team Mildenhall completes FARP with Norwegian Counterparts

    U.S. Air Force Forward Area Refueling Point (FARP) specialists assigned to the 100th Air Refueling Wing, prepare for the landing of two Royal Norwegian Air Force Bell 412SP helicopters, Norway, March 10, 2023. FARP capabilities enable the 100th ARW and the 352nd Special Operations Wing to partner

  • Refueling the fight in the air, on land, on demand

    Royal Air Force Mildenhall is home to two separate wings with different scopes and responsibilities. However, the collaborative efforts they use to execute each mission makes the installation as a whole, a truly strategic forward base.

  • Female FARP member – Fuels gas and breaks barriers

    Under complete darkness noises coming from every direction whirling around her, she focuses through the haze of her night vision goggles as she pulls more than 300 feet of heavy refueling hoses from one aircraft to another. Her face is full of sweat and her heart pounds, as a CV-22 Osprey hovers as