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  • Staying strong during the COVID-19 lockdown

    The COVID-19 lockdown in the United Kingdom has restricted many of the freedoms we normally enjoy, but during this time of quarantine, physical distancing and heightened sanitary practices, it has provided me an opportunity to establish some beneficial routines. I initially thought it would be a challenge with the gyms closed to complete my normal workout, but I realized after several days in lockdown that my home and the outdoors provide everything I need to stay fit. Running is the primary activity I use to get exercise, and it can be done outside on a track or the streets. I have also substituted lifting weights for pushups, which I can do almost anywhere. Although I am disappointed that I can longer go to the gym, adjusting how I exercise ensures I remain in good shape and am capable of meeting the demands of the mission.
  • 100th CES civilian: Saving the Earth while on top of the ‘World’

    By day, Sarah Marsden is an environmental engineer with the 100th Civil Engineer Squadron, responsible for maintaining the environmental management system for RAF Mildenhall. However, by night (and weekends), she’s a multi-medal-winning powerlifter and can be found either strength training in a local gym or participating in competitions around the United Kingdom and beyond.