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  • Tails from the hardstand: 100th Bomb Group veteran shares ‘Bloody Hundredth’ memories

    “It was right after Pearl Harbor happened that my best friend and I decided to join up with the U.S. Army Air Corps,” recalled retired Master Sgt. Dewey Christopher, a former 351st Bomb Squadron crew chief, 100th Bombardment Group and World War II veteran. “We went to Oklahoma City to sign up and by Dec. 17, 1941, I was in the service.” Christopher recently visited RAF Mildenhall as guest of honor at a ceremony renaming the Professional Development Center after him, and shared some of the stories from when he was stationed in England during World War II.
  • Volunteer efforts honor Thorpe Abbotts museum

    The view from the air traffic control tower is of vast golden grass edged with trees – a peaceful and silent contrast to the once bustling airfield. Throughout the museum, the hallways and rooms are filled with World War II artifacts, ranging from canteens to machine guns. Taps, the song that honors service members who have lost their lives, begins to play as visitors enter a room dedicated to the men of the 100th Bomb Group. As the song sounds throughout the dimly lit nook, the pictures and names of the fallen soldiers are read and remembered. The ATC tower at the Thorpe Abbotts museum is a refurbished original structure used by the 100th BG during World War II. Construction of the memorial site began in the 1970s by a group of volunteers who refused to let the tower be demolished for agriculture. Today, volunteers continue to honor the site to keep the memory of the fallen men alive.