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727th Air Mobility Command

1/14/2011 - RAF MILDENHALL, England -- The following is useful information for those using the 727th Air Mobility Squadron Passenger Terminal.
 727th Air Mobility Squadron
Royal Air Force Mildenhall Passenger Terminal
Operating hours: 0600 - 2230 hours Telephone Commercial: 44-1638-542248.
DSN: 314-238-2248 Fax Commercial: 44-1638-547426. DSN: 314-238-7426
Welcome to the Mildenhall Passenger Terminal, Gateway to the United Kingdom. We, the Air Mobility Command, want your travel to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. On behalf of myself and my staff I hope your Air Mobility Command (AMC) experience is a favorable one. The Mildenhall Passenger Service personnel are professionals, taking pride in our terminal and a job well-done. If you have questions or problems during your travel, contact any of our quality passenger service representatives. We look forward to serving you now and in the future! Please make any suggestions or comments on the Passenger Terminal Survey form found in the main lobby and place in the box provided. Your comments help improve our customer service. Fly AMC!
           ELAINE M. DAWSON, Band D, MoD
           Passenger Service Superintendent

The Base Billeting Office is located in building 459. Room rates for billeting start at $60.00 per room per night or $63.00 for family quarters per night.  You are advised to check with the lodging office on extension 238-6001 for availability and up to date rates

This does not constitute endorsement by the Air Mobility Command or the United States Air Force.

The Bird In Hand Motel, Beck Row - 01638 713247
The Riverside Hotel, Mildenhall - 01638 717274
The Bell Hotel, Mildenhall - 01638 583511
The Forte Travelodge, Barton Mills - 01638 717675

Two shuttles run from RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall to London's Heathrow Airport every day (excluding Christmas and Boxing Day.) All duty passengers must give four copies of their orders to the bus driver. Pets will not be transported aboard the buses.

This does not constitute endorsement by the Air Mobility Command or the United States Air Force.

AAFES Concession (BCR) Mildenhall 01638 712445 (DSN 238-5110) Lakenheath 01638 532699
British Car Rental - Comm. 01638 718288 - located by the Bird in Hand Motel
Hertz Car Rental - Comm. 0843 309 3015 - nearest location is Cambridge
Enterprise Car Rental - Comm. 01842 763766 - nearest location is Thetford
Low Cost Car Rental - Comm. 01638 510123 - James Carter Rd, Mildenhall

BX-tra - Comm. 01638 581201
Shoppette - Comm. 01638 581204
2 Trakglobal - DSN 238-2766/2968
TMO - DSN 238-2929
Retiree Affairs Office - DSN 238-2039
Keesler Federal Credit Union Bank - DSN 238-2686
Community Bank - DSN 238-2850
Base Locator - DSN 238-0113
TAXI (M & L Company) DSN: 238-2984 Comm: 01638 542984


Security is a top priority at the air terminal. Do not leave baggage unattended in and around the terminal, or it will be properly disposed of. Storage space is not available at the terminal.
It is highly recommended that differently abled passengers with non-apparent disabilities (such as hearing impairment, asthma or pacemakers) advise passenger service agents of such disabilities at the time of check-in.

Smoking and smokeless tobacco is not permitted on any AMC flight.

(CURRENT AS OF 3 Nov. 2015)