• Square D Spotlight: Staff Sgt. William Fleetwood

    “Serving in the U.S. Air Force is important to me because of the rich heritage it has within my family. Both my mother and father were enlisted in the Air Force as maintainers, my father retired after 21 years and my mother served 10 years. I want to do my part in serving my country—as my fellow veterans have done before me.”
  • RAFM helps build morale with Steel Bones event

    Danny Campion, an amputee and member of Steel Bones, talks to participants and military members at an event Oct. 24, 2016, on RAF Mildenhall, England. Campion’s right arm was paralyzed due to nerve damage and he lost his right leg in a motorcycle accident in 2012. Steel Bones is a local British organization similar to the Wounded Warrior Program,
  • Center for Character, Culture gets creative

    The Center for Character and Culture is hosting free interactive activities beginning Nov. 4, 2016. “These programs were designed by RAF Mildenhall Airmen to offer fun and engaging ways to reduce stress, foster (new and existing) relationships, strengthen interpersonal skills, and generally encourage positive physical, mental and social health,” said Genevieve Brock, 100th Air Refueling Wing Sexual Assault Prevention and Response victim advocate. “Each of these benefits is a protective factor in our community.”
  • Fall Festival

    Team Mildenhall children take part in a parade during a Fall Festival Oct. 28, 2016, at the child development center on RAF Mildenhall, England. Children of all ages and their parents took time to come together to celebrate fall. (U.S. Air Force photo by Gina Randall)
  • Tri-base Airmen come together for ‘Strategic Think Tank’

    “Airmen solving Airmen problems,” said Senior Master Sgt. Tara Thompson, 100th Logistics Readiness Squadron Material Management flight chief. “We’re going to talk about potential problems we face in the Air Force. You’re going to walk us into a problem, then help us solve it. We want you to think outside of the box and use whatever tools you need.” The Professional Development Center hosted the training which took place Oct. 19, 2016, in the Rosenthal Auditorium on RAF Mildenhall, England.
  • ‘Not disabilities but different abilities’

    “I grew up in Texas, on the farm and on the football field. I was a high-energy kid, played football pretty well, and made good grades,” recalled Lt. Col. Brandon Sokora, 100th Civil Engineer Squadron commander, as he opened up about his story and how his life drastically changed when confronted with “disabilities” – not once, but twice. As his story unfolded, he focused on how his perspective evolved to grant him a more inclusive and healthy approach to leadership and Airmanship. With his abilities and opportunities, Sokora described how in no way, shape or form would anyone have predicted his future to include the word, ‘disability.’ He just assumed, “that will never happen to me.”
  • Domestic violence, abuse – Family Advocacy is here to help

    A young boy sat trembling in the car as he heard two gun shots ring from inside the house. His mother screamed in agony as his father rushed her back to their car. Distraught over the events that had just occurred, his mother was stunned and mortified. While watching his mother fight to get into the vehicle – “BANG” – another gun shot fired.
  • Square DSpotlight: Staff Sgt. Rufus Brenneman

    “I love music. I DJ at the Galaxy Club on Friday nights, and I play country music Monday nights on a local radio station. Music helps you deal with life – especially country music for me, because there’s a lot of stuff people can connect and relate to. That’s just one reason I fell in love with it.” – Staff Sgt. Rufus Brenneman, 352nd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron CV-22 debrief section NCO in charge.