• AFSO21 Reading list

    The Gold Mine: Balle Personal Evaluation: An easy read, truly well written, set in a fictional setting that clearly depicts lean concepts. This book talks about how important it is to the success of a lean transformation to show people respect and to get them involved because your people -- not the experts -- are the ones who improve processes
  • AFSO21 Reading list

    KAIZEN by Masaaki Imai: Overview: A comprehensive handbook of 16 Kaizen management practices that can be put to work. KAIZEN uses more than 100 examples in action and contains 15 corporate case studies. Personal evaluation: The book is becoming a bit dated having been written two decades ago and is hard reading. However, the concepts are enduring
  • AFSO21 Reading list

    Lean Lexicon, Lean Enterprise Institute Lean Lexicon is basically a Lean dictionary. It contains 58 illustrations and defines 187 key lean terms. Personal evaluation: Great reference for personnel not familiar with Lean terminology. Breaking through to Flow, Ian Glenday Overview (www.lean.org):
  • The Machine that Changed the World by Roos, Womack and Jones

    Personal Evaluation: Highlights some key concepts, but USAF personnel may have a hard time directly relating the automobile industry to their workspace. Overview: This book is a classic on the advantages of being lean - Product Design, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management - the entire gamut from concept to delivery in the Automobile
  • The history of British Summer Time

    Don't forget to Change your clocks this weekend and "Spring Forward" one hour on Sunday March 25 at 1 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time It has been 100 years since British Summer Time was first proposed. But why change the clocks, which way and whose idea was it? History of legal time in Britain Before the railways, local mean time was the time kept by
  • RAF Mildenhall AFSO21 coverage

    Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century is about making improvements. It's about a culture change and a new way of doing business to enhance our ability to fly and fight. These changes involve eliminating waste and implementing continuous improvement efforts to save resources while improving the productivity of our most valuable resources,
  • Digging up bones -- Archeologists discover human remains

    As the archeological team from Suffolk County Council was in the middle of a routine dig in the RAF Mildenhall housing area in Beck Row March 12, they knew they'd stumbled across an interesting find when a shovel hit something solid. "Something solid" turned out to be the skull of a human skeleton -- thought to be almost 2,000 years old. After just
  • Base chapel slated for renovations

    The 100th Air Refueling Wing Chapel is getting ready for nine months of renovations, which will result in a more updated and welcoming place of worship and meeting. Renovations get underway in April and the chapel offices will move March 26. The main office will relocate to Building 233, on the top floor above the Ministry of Defence Police, behind
  • Unauthorized Web use has severe consequences

    The 100th Communications Squadron is continuing to crack down on unauthorized Web access after a recent string of violations. "It's a priority right now because there has been such an increase in activities since the holidays," said Tech. Sgt. Matthew Mullen, 100th CS. "That was a really busy time for us. We were catching people once a day. It has
  • Senior master sergeant promotion list released

    Congratulations are in order for the following RAF Mildenhall personnel who have been selected for promotion to the rank of senior master sergeant. Jesus Delarosa Gerald Hires Charles Brown III Michael Windsor Jeanne Vogt Larry Lewis George Anthony Patrick Combs Lisa Friend Christopher Rhoney Michael Hogan Paul Baranoski Robert Hibbs David Holmes