• Family of WWII veterans visit RAF Mildenhall to trace footsteps, memories

    Eighty years ago today, shortly after the start of World War II, 24 Wellington bombers took to the skies from RAF Mildenhall, RAF Feltwell and RAF Honington, together forming a combined force which carried out daylight bombing raids on German ships in Heligoland Bight, Germany. It was Dec. 18, 1939,

  • BALTOPS Exercise 2019

    A Polish air force F-16 Fighting Falcon flies beside a U.S. Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker during aerial refueling in support of Exercise Baltic Operations over Germany, June 19, 2019. The BALTOPS Exercise is a U.S. exercise focused on joint interoperability in the Baltic Region, planned and executed

  • Caring for people remains a RAF Mildenhall focus

    The Air Force's 2011 Caring for People Forum concluded in Arlington, Va., July 21, and addressed several initiatives focusing on issues affecting Airmen and their families.Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz was a guest speaker at the forum, which addressed many of the same issues Team

  • The Turning Point commentary: Conservation = $avings

    Melting polar ice caps, El Nino weather, carbon emissions ... is the sky falling Chicken Little? It may very well be.Regardless, what can't be disputed is that like many people around the world, I'm paying careful attention to energy consumption.Will this help reduce the carbon footprint? You bet it

  • The Turning Point: Helping spouses cope with deployment

    Lasting memories of her husband's embrace and recollections of him boarding the plane for Afghanistan were fresh as the young mother made her way down a winding British road, heading to a medical appointment.With determination, her eyes pierced the lingering fog and remained focused on each bend and

  • The Turning Point: SCRA could be money-saving tool for junior Airmen

    How high is high?For a basketball player, high is about 304.8 cm - what they need to jump to slam-dunk the ball.For a KC-135 pilot, high is about 50,000 feet - the Stratotanker's operational ceiling.For an 8-year old child dreaming of becoming an astronaut, the moon is pretty darned high.Still, for

  • The Turning Point: Mildenhall launches new single parent support group

    Imagine standing outside amid hurricane-force winds and a torrential downpour of rain. Like a curious child, imagine trying to balance yourself by leaning forward as the rain and wind sting your face - knowing all the while that leaning just a fraction in any direction would send you tumbling

  • The Turning Point: Breaking domestic violence cycles

    In the business of war, violence sometimes can't be avoided. In fact, millions of Americans bank their lives on the fact that servicemembers will not hesitate to take action when it's required. Sometimes emotions can erupt like a volcano - but just as the Department of Defense doesn't respond to

  • When life reaches 'The Turning Point'

    Somewhere on base there's a junior enlisted Airman balancing their checkbook and realizing that even after raising their right hand and enlisting, they still live paycheck to paycheck. Elsewhere on base there's a Department of Defense civilian who seems to be sick every morning and can't quite shake