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  • There are benefits to our Military moving to all Joint Operations

    The benefits of our military moving towards all joint operations include each servicemember receiving a more complete understanding of the tactical and operational capability of each branch, and an increased chance that the mission will be completed with little to no causalities. Joint operations enable America to adapt to the changes in the
  • Mama's Milk: A cry to reduce risk of breast cancer

    Whoever said, "Don't cry over spilt milk," was not a breast-feeding mom. The decision to breast-feed my daughter was made nearly six years before she was born - I wasn't even married to her father yet. It was around the time my mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. I was stationed overseas in the Azores when I first learned
  • Ramadan: This year, I won’t fast with just myself in mind

    As another year passes, I prepare myself and welcome with an open heart the holiest month known to Muslims. The month the Qur'an was revealed. I welcome Ramadan. Ramadan is a noble guest. It is a month for devotion to God and self control. To a fellow friend who is not of the Islamic faith, it may seem as though Ramadan is just a time of abstaining
  • When is the Air Force birthday?

    Like any birth, it was neither quick nor easy. For years, even before World War II, air-minded leaders strove to create an independent Air Force and during the postwar years, it finally became a reality. July 26, 1947, then-President Harry S. Truman approved and signed legislation known as the National Security Act of 1947, creating the National
  • I think I'll rock a pink T-shirt

    Lately it has really been eating at me when I hear people talking about their PT scores. It's as if they're under the impression fitness isn't as important as the other areas of being in the Air Force. It makes me want to tell them to wake up and realize it's no different than any other aspect of being an Airman. And, it's one circumstance where I
  • Discipline – self-imposed or imposed on, it’s your choice

    "If we don't discipline ourselves, the world will do it for us." -- William Feather "You're late...what's your excuse this time?" "I'm sorry sergeant; my alarm clock didn't go off." "Wasn't that your excuse last week? Still haven't gotten it fixed? This is the fourth time you've been late this month. Airman, it's obvious that you're incapable of
  • You can't buy fitness in a bottle

    I know you've seen them. They're those super hot guys and girls in those ads in magazines and on TV modeling for every weight-loss metabolizing pill out there. I have to admit, they do look great, and their before/after photos are fantastic! But, did you ever notice the small disclaimer down at the bottom of the page that states, "Results not
  • Regular exercise, limited calories and healthy menu key to total heart health

    I just finished reading "Total Heart Health for Men." The authors - a minister and two doctors - provide a prescription for overall heart health that includes both a spiritual and a physical dimension. Depending on your particular faith, this book may or may not be one you'd enjoy, but the common-sense approach to physical heart health in the
  • Communication plays a crucial role in effectiveness

    I was sitting on a plane in Dallas the other day, marveling at how quickly the passengers can load these days now that everyone is limited to only one piece of carry-on luggage. We were actually at the point of door closure 15 minutes prior to scheduled gate departure time, and it looked like an early arrival into San Antonio. Thirty minutes later,
  • Team Mildenhall secures the base

    While coming onto the installation during the past few months, you may have recognized one or two of the Airmen at our gates, or patrolling out on the flight line, as the person who configured your hard drive or worked on one of the C-130's parked on the 352nd Special Operations Group ramp. Or they may have assisted you with your assignment