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  • Maintainers' discipline, commitment lauded

    Black-letter initial - three small words that speak volumes in the maintenance community. They mean an aircraft has launched with absolutely no discrepancies, no minor problems waiting on parts or downtime to fix. The production supervisor, rather than having to enter a red symbol that indicates the aircraft is OK to fly with the discrepancies that
  • Balancing heritage, tradition with focus on future

    Right after the Air Force unveiled prototypes for a new service dress uniform, it seemed like everyone had a comment to make. I have to admit that I don't personally care very much. One of the benefits I enjoy about the Air Force is that I don't have many decisions about what to wear every day ... which means I don't have to listen to Tracey say
  • New command team ready to tackle mission challenges

    During the 100th Operations Group change of command ceremony July 13, I had the opportunity to preside over the final leadership transition for the wing. Our new team is now in place, ready to tackle the challenges that lay before us in our support of European Command’s mission. I’m really pleased with the team that’s been assembled. Talent and
  • Exercising your right to vote honors ancestors' sacrifices

    The Fourth of July is now a memory. I hope everyone enjoyed their barbecues, ball games, and family vacations, but I also hope everyone gave at least a moment’s thought to the reason behind the holiday. The courage and sacrifice displayed by the early patriots provides an example for all of us, especially those of us wearing Air Force blue. But we
  • Wingmen can be family, friends -- not just Air Force

    I wanted to write an article about the wingman concept, so I surfed the Web for a little background and a couple of quotes. Imagine my surprise when Google returned multiple pages of links ... almost all concerned with taking care of your buddy when he’s trying to pick up a girl in a bar. I’ll admit that at first I was amused (hey, I’m human), but
  • Wing CC bids farewell to 100th Mission Support Group commander

    In the military — as in life — that old adage is true: The only constant is change. Well, we’re rolling into the time of year when we see lots of change. The vast majority of our moves occur during the summer season, and some of those moves will involve key leaders on this base. On Monday, we’ll formally say farewell to Col. Colleen Ryan, as she
  • Explore England, Europe and enjoy that summertime feeling

    Well we made it through the winter. Days are getting longer and hopefully soon we will all be enjoying warm sunny days. With most of our AEF 9/10 deployers finally home everyone is ready to get out, work on that tan, stretch their wings and see new places. The improving weather will offer lots of chances to enjoy RAF Mildenhall. To make your
  • Interval training adds intensity to workouts

    I’ll never be a fitness guru, and I don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to fitness. That said, I do have one tip about physical conditioning I’d like to offer. If you haven’t already incorporated interval training into your fitness routine, I highly recommend you do so. Interval training adds brief periods of increased intensity to your
  • Don't just tolerate people's religious beliefs, respect them

    For quite some time now, the whole concept of religious freedom has been discussed in a variety of forums around the Department of Defense, the Air Force, and even Team Mildenhall. In some conversations, two words have been used to describe this issue and our approach to the First Amendment right of freedom of religion. The words are tolerance and
  • Preparation means not having to rely on luck

    My 10-year old, Meghan, is a regular Charlie Brown. Last year, her class wrote to various candy manufacturers for an in-class English exercise. Meghan’s classmates received all sorts of wonderful gifts, including stickers, candy samples, and other promotional material. Meghan’s gift? A form letter. Recently, Meghan brought home her class picture …