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  • Chris Wilson's War: the costs of someone else's DUI

    “After the initial shock of the crash I tried to get out of the vehicle, but my body wouldn’t let me,” Chris Wilson recalled, vividly remembering the night that changed his life. “I fell out of the vehicle onto my back and tried to squirm away until everything in my body ceased to move.”
  • Martial arts class empowers Airmen to thrive

    Frightened eyes stare up at a shadowy figure in disbelief. The silhouette quickly pulls out an object and points it toward the trembling body. The perpetrator leans forward to bark a command, stifling the petrified prey below. The frightened eyes shift to form an angry brow as both hands shoot up like lightening bolts, swiftly moving the weapon
  • BRITS BITS: Is there a British Thanksgiving?

    Thanksgiving, which falls on the fourth Thursday in November, is a day in which we give thanks and remember the time when pilgrims first harvested the New World in 1621.Thanksgiving became a U.S. federal holiday in 1863. Over time, the holiday has grown to include traditions including the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, National Football League
  • BRITS BITS: 10 haunted places in UK to visit

    Many people wonder what happens after this life. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there are many places to visit in the U.K. that offer special "haunted" events and experiences on and around Halloween. For more information on pre-arranged trips to such places, contact the base Information, Tickets and Travel office at 01638-54-2630. For those
  • 'Our Security Matters': Security Awareness Month prepares to kick off

    RAF Mildenhall's Security Awareness Campaign, sponsored by the installation security advisory group, begins Oct. 1. Throughout the month, the ISAG will host various security forums and provide valuable security information.The focus of the awareness campaign is to guide the base populace into a higher state of alertness and challenge everyone to
  • BRITS BITS: 10 UK destinations for equine enthusiasts

    Horses are a huge part of British history. Queen Boudicca used them to draw her chariot into battle with the Romans. During the Middle Ages, people associated horses with good luck by placing a horseshoe over a door. In October 1066 William the Conqueror was victorious largely due to his 3,000-strong cavalry. And horses were also vital to the
  • BRITS BITS: An American in England: Making sense out of local lingo

    When I first arrived in England, I was excited. The fact that it was not only my first assignment, but my first time overseas was almost overwhelming. I couldn't wait to explore the country and learn its rich history. Seeing as the language spoken in England is English, I assumed that would only make my stay here easier. I was wrong.Almost from the
  • BRITS BITS: 10 'Outlandish' facts

    The saga began more than two decades ago yet has continued to capture the attention of new and loyal readers alike. Begun quite by accident, author Diana Gabaldon spins a tale immersed in history and laced with intrigue, romance, survival and suspense. The first book in the series, Outlander, begins in the Scottish Highlands after World War II
  • BRITS BITS: 10 UK summer music festivals

    Summer has arrived here in the United Kingdom, signaling a highly anticipated music festival season. For years, musical acts of all genres from all over the world have made their way to various stages throughout the U.K. Nowadays, these festivals host hundreds of thousands of music lovers looking to catch a glimpse of their favorite singers and
  • Camping in the UK

    One of the cheapest ways to enjoy a stay in the United Kingdom is camping. It's something that appeals to many British and American families. Camp sites throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales can provide an opportunity to literally get closer to nature, be near the beach, or just a good way to socialize with friends.Camping can be as basic