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  • SAM: Connecting Airmen to others, life

    With so much to do in Europe, the Single Airmen's Ministry, or the SAM, is giving young troops an alternative to just hanging out on base. Micah Steinwandt, a 100th Air Refueling Wing Chapel contractor, runs the organization with the support of Chaplain (Capt.) Eric Boyer, and stresses that it's "definitely not 'just another program.'" "Our aim for
  • Alarm Black: CBRN Defense Training enhances mission continuation, force survivability

    Giant voice declares Alarm Black a few minutes after incoming rounds stop falling. Sweat is pooling at the bottom of your gas mask and dripping down your back as you struggle to get up off the ground in full personal protective equipment. Nervously, you gather the rest of your post-attack reconnaissance team and venture outside with a wary
  • Mildenhall climbing team sets sights on Mount Kilimanjaro

    (Editor’s note: This is the first part of a two-part series) Another year, another mountain –– and this time, it's Mount Kilimanjaro. Capt. Rob Marshall, 67th Special Operations Squadron MC-130 Combat Shadow pilot, and 1st Lt. Mark Uberuaga, 21st Special Operations Squadron MH-53 Pave Low pilot, are launching phase two of their “Seven Summits
  • Explore England's south-west coast for change of scenery

    Anyone standing on Britain’s longest national trail, the spectacular 630-mile South West Coast Path high on granite cliffs towering above the restless Atlantic, is left in no doubt of the sea’s role in shaping this area’s landscape and heritage. England’s far south-western counties of Cornwall and Devon boast a seafaring tradition of adventurers,
  • No going under: Aircrew members learn water-survival skills

    People get a briefing about what to do in the event of a plane crash every time they fly on a commercial airline. But, hopefully, they never have to put what they learn to the test. On the other hand, putting people’s plane crash survival skills to the test is the whole idea behind survival, evasion, resistance and escape water–survival
  • Unsafe lifting often responsible for lower back pain

    Are you suffering from lower back pain? Do you know how to prevent this pain by lifting heavy items properly? According to medical experts, more than 80 percent of people will experience lower back pain at some time in their lives. LBP is the second leading reason for missing work. Unfortunately, despite all that’s known about LBP and all that’s
  • Youth hostels offer cheap accomodation for all ages

    Youth hostels acquired their name because they used to have an upper age limit of 30. That limit has long been abolished, but the name “Youth Hostel Association” had by then become so famous that the original name has stuck. Many Americans are, I know, a little anxious about the word “hostel’’, perhaps visualizing accommodation for down-and-outs
  • Head to HAWC for advice on running shoes

    Some say, “If the shoe fits, wear it,” but how can people be sure the shoe really does fit? The Health and Wellness Center here offers people tips on healthy eating, setting up fitness programs, smoking cessation and more. They also help people figure out what workout equipment, including running shoes, is right for them. Here are a few tips from
  • PCSing? Find your pet a home, if you can't take him with you

    Every year there are families who find themselves unable to take their pet with them when they go on to their new posting. If you want your pet to find a English home, Sal Davidson, my counterpart at RAF Lakenheath, and I will do our best to help you. We have an e-mail network of local British families looking for companion animals, usually
  • Honor guard team looking for a few good Airmen

    Becoming an honor guard member means upholding standards of conduct, and a level of professionalism, above all others. That is exactly what members of the RAF Mildenhall Honor Guard agree to do when they recite the group’s creed upon acceptance to the team. Right now, the team is looking for about 27 razor-sharp, highly-motivated people who are