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  • Elementary facts about Sherlock Holmes

    In the late 1880's, a young doctor wrote stories while waiting for patients to visit his practice. The eventual product revolutionized the genre of crime fiction. The young doctor created the infamous sleuth many know today as Sherlock Holmes. King Edward VII later knighted the young doctor, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, for his writing.1. Holmes is
  • 10 things to do in Edinburgh

    A city for everyone, Edinburgh is not only beautiful but has a mix of areas, many alive with activity, as well as peaceful parks and meadows - all in the heart of the city. Getting to this amazing city couldn't be easier. Take a plane in less than an hour from Stansted. Go by train from Ely, with fabulous views of the British countryside rushing by
  • Geocaching in England

    Geocaching is a great way to get out, explore the environment and get to know a new area. My first geocaching trip was about three weeks ago with a close friend and his two kids. We rode bikes though Mildenhall Woods, England, and found caches using a global positioning system device. When we stopped at the first cache, I didn't know what to
  • 10 little-known facts about Queen Elizabeth II

    The United Kingdom is famous for many things - tea, the Beatles, Big Ben and the accent to name a few. But the country is arguably best known for the British monarchy. For many Americans, the British monarchy, or any monarchy for that matter, brings back European history lessons taught at school and childhood fairytales found in books and portrayed
  • Slip away into England's storied past

    When I moved here, I decided I was going to experience England first hand. You don't have to travel far to visit a national treasure or place which touts its ties to antiquity, so I quickly pursued weekend trips with dogged enthusiasm. On one such adventure, I booked my daughter and I on an overnight stay at Kenilworth Castle. The description was
  • 10 agricultural shows for families

    The summer is a fantastic time to get out and about. It's during the summer months most counties hold their annual agricultural show. Even with the unpredictable U.K. weather - come rain or shine these shows are a great day out and fun for all the family.Most shows judge sheep, cattle, pigs and chickens. The livestock are housed on the show grounds
  • Pony Club: Make friends, learn life skills

    Growing up on a farm with a horse-loving mother, it was inevitable my two sisters and I would take up riding. One of my first childhood memories was falling off a borrowed pony at a local show and picking myself up, finding the pony after chasing him around the show-ground, and being thrown back in the saddle by a helpful passer-by before I had a
  • 10 imaginative works from top UK author

    "Things need not to have happened to be true. Tales and adventures are the shadow truths that will endure, when mere facts are dust and ashes and forgotten," said Neil Gaimen, British author extraordinaire. Although there are many amazing authors who hold great rapport with their audience, Gaiman is one who many enjoy yet few can recall his name.
  • 10 quirky James Bond facts

    One of the most well-known spies is James Bond. Also known as 007, the super spy is featured in 23 movies. However, there are some things even the most diehard Bond fans might not know. Here are some of the quirkiest facts in the James Bond universe.1. James Bond's name was chosen because Ian Fleming, creator of the spy series, thought it was a
  • A 'Wicked' night at the West End

    My first trip to London was 'Wicked.' I didn't see Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the London Eye or any of London's other famous landmarks. Instead I opted to see the show 'Wicked' on the West End at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. When I saw the show's advertisement at the Information, Tickets and Travel office on base, I wasn't quite sure what it was.