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  • Rules of the British countryside

    The U.K. attracts a variety of visitors, many of whom come to see and experience the wonders of the countryside. There are many public rights of way including footpaths, bridlepaths and byways. It is important to understand rural beauty needs to be preserved for future generations. Here we take a look at ways to make sure everyone is able to enjoy
  • 10 things to do in Great Yarmouth

    From any point in the U.K., the coast is no more than two hours away by car. With a weekend opportunity simply a quick two hours away, why not visit the coast? One of the most popular and closest seafront destinations to RAF Mildenhall is Great Yarmouth. The town is located on the Norfolk coast and offers many attractions year round.1. Visit the
  • Notable castles to visit in UK

    There are lots of castles to visit in the U.K. Many castles have woodland parks, restaurants, farm shops, safari parks or a hotel on the premises and grounds. Some have events calendars to include ghost hunts, Easter egg hunts, wedding fairs, open air theaters, country fairs and horse trails. Below is some information on 10 castles in England. For
  • Seal appeal at Horsey Gap

    Braving the cold weather at the start of January, my daughter and I saw a wonderful sight off the coast of Norfolk - seals and their pups lounging on the beach.After seeing a feature about them on the local news, we decided to get up early and drive to the coast (as you do, on a freezing cold day in winter ... ), for an opportunity to see the cute
  • Going Green Man hunting - next 'planking'

    RAF Mildenhall Airmen can see him posing on pub signs, serving as the drawer pull on antique furniture, keeping watch over gardens and decoratively performing many other duties. Although he's common in the United Kingdom, the Green Man's history, meaning and symbolism remain elusive.He wasn't dubbed the "Green Man" at his inception, and many
  • ‘General’ perspective: Future for U.S. airlift lies in modernization, partnerships

    The U.S. expeditionary commander explained to U.S. and NATO partners about the need for Airmen to be capable of operating outside of their comfort zones and to prepare to operate in joint and coalition communities during a conference Sept. 26, 2012, in London."Going it alone is becoming less of an option for us," said Maj. Gen. William Bender, U.S.
  • Tanker operations in Europe incorporate effective smart power

    For NATO, 2011's Operation Unified Protector was a test for partner nations to use their hard-power assets effectively in a coordinated manner. In the process, the cooperation required NATO to look at how it could utilize smart power, a combination of military assets and international partnerships, to complete air refueling missions successfully
  • Unwavering professionalism, commitment, honor, tradition: Do you have what it takes?

    Dedicated to unwavering professionalism, committed to guard the honorable traditions the Air Force is founded upon, and prepared to represent the best of RAF Mildenhall to the American and British publics --- meet Team Mildenhall's Honor Guard.Someone may be thinking, "Do I have what it takes to file among their ranks?"If color guard details,
  • One last hug: James Pinkerton's final mission

    Grasping a fist full of Pounds Sterling, 87-year-old James Pinkerton hailed a taxi outside London Heathrow Airport, insisting the driver bring him directly to the Cambridge American Cemetery by the quickest and most-direct route.It had been more than 50 years since Pinkerton, a Purple Heart veteran, executed orders and undertook missions supporting
  • Preparing for Pedro: Snake eaters' new training proves valuable

    The sun was just starting to set on the desert sky as a convoy of Royal Air Force Regiment infantrymen made their way back from a long and draining patrol to Bastian International Airport, Iraq.As the convoy approached the airport, Sgt. Chris Perrio-Stone, 15 Squadron RAF Regiment combat medic trainer, came upon a water truck that had lost control