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  • Mildenhall Airman chosen as sole guitarist for Tops in Blue

    David Leatherwood's passion for music is obvious the moment you meet him. When he's not working his day job as a special cargo handler, the senior airman practices playing his electric guitar five to seven hours per day. He's also a singer-songwriter, plays the violin, piano and bass guitar, and performs karaoke three times a week, both at the
  • British Wildlife: Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve

    Wicken Fen is one the oldest National Nature Reserves in Britain and one of the most important in Europe. It is also a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and was the first nature reserve to be bought in 1899 by the National Trust - an organization dedicated to protecting Britain's Special Places. Situated close to the Cambridgeshire -
  • British air commodore visits RAF Mildenhall

    Air Commodore Sue Armitage-Maddox, Royal Air Force Air Officer Commanding Directly Administered Units at High Wycombe, visited RAF Mildenhall Feb. 15 to get an overview of the base and to see how the RAF and U.S. Air Force work together. For video coverage click here.While here, Air Commodore Armitage-Maddox took time to sit down with staff from
  • Simulator provides realistic training to pilots while saving Air Force money

    A white half dome with a yellow cooling pipe underneath it, being moved slowly about in different directions by a hydraulic motion system, doesn't look very impressive. But get inside, and it's a whole different story. The device is actually the KC-135 Stratotanker simulator, and while it cost about $25 million, it saves the Air Force a lot of
  • CBRN training prepares personnel for deployment

    For those deploying, it's absolutely vital they know how to don and use chemical warfare equipment in a very limited amount of time. The 100th Civil Engineer Squadron Readiness and Emergency Management Flight here provides Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense training to Airmen to ensure they are able to do what it is needed to
  • 100th LRS Fuels Management Flight keeps RAF Mildenhall lifeblood pumping

    The average human heart pumps about 250,000 gallons of blood a year to nourish every cell of the body, without which the body would not function. Similarly, fuels management Airmen keep the lifeblood of RAF Mildenhall - JP-8 - pumping through thousands of feet of underground pipeline "arteries," but to the tune of about 35 million gallons in
  • Faces of RAF Mildenhall

    A family could include a parent or parents, children maybe, and often a family pet. Achilles, an English bulldog with the ability to vocalize or communicate when he would like to go for a walk, has traveled the world with his military family. Born March 20, 2006, in Budapest, Hungary, Achilles came from a litter of four puppies. After first meeting
  • Not quite a day at the office

    When someone says the word "office" many people think of a large room with dozens of cubicles, computers, cluttered desks, ringing phones and people typing a thousand words a minute. That description might be typical in some work environments, but in the military not all offices can be described that way. Senior Airman Tim Trujillo's office ranges
  • Taking a shot

    Maj. Gen Jack Egginton, takes a shot at playing Couronne -- a game similar to billiards -- during a visit to the 423rd Civil Engineer Squadron at RAF Alconbury. The general was visiting the base during a three-day sweep of the 501st Combat Support Wing.  The board was built by  Michael Gutteridge, a 423rd Civil Engineer Squadron apprentice
  • Dental Squadron offers advice about guarding the athlete's smile

    The American Dental Association estimates mouth-guard use prevents about 200,000 injuries yearly in high school and collegiate football alone. "Using a mouth guard is protection for the mouth, just like wearing a helmet to protect your head when biking or skating," said Master Sgt. Daniel Louviere, 48th Dental Squadron, Records element flight