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  • Mildenhall Airfield management: Keeping ‘birds’ in the sky

    Whether the mission calls for clearing the flightline of wildlife, foreign objects, snow, ice or aircraft just taking a breather at RAF Mildenhall, the 100th Operations Support Squadron airfield management team is always prepared to keep our jets in the sky and continue the mission. With this being a 24/7, 365 day operation, their mission never takes a day off, and the small team of Airmen who call airfield management ops their home are always prepared to provide support and make certain Team Mildenhall wins the day.
  • Sisters share experience together at Team Mildenhall

    One day in 1995 changed the lives of Blake and Whitney Fentress forever. They welcomed three new individuals into this world, each with a different personality, but over time, all with a growing sense of duty to family and country. Two of these fresh - faced, young siblings, 2nd Lt. Reagan Fentress, 100th Logistics Readiness Squadron Deployment and Distribution flight commander; and 2nd Lt. Blythe Fentress, 727th Air Mobility Squadron Officer-in-charge of the Air Terminal Operations Center, have been afforded the opportunity to be stationed at RAF Mildenhall together after four years of separation.
  • USAFE Airmen conduct aeromedical evacuation training above Germany

    Members of the 86th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron from Ramstein Air Base performed training aboard a KC-135 Stratotanker from RAF Mildenhall, England, Jan. 23, 2019. During the training, members practiced emergency medical scenarios, including patients suffering worsening health conditions, cardiac emergencies, aircraft decompression and emergency ditching of an aircraft.
  • Mildenhall hosts USAFE resilience trainer course

    RAF MILDENHALL, England – RAF Mildenhall hosted a Master Resiliency Trainer certification course for members across U.S. Air Forces in Europe Air Forces Africa here Jan. 14-18. The course was held with the purpose of increasing resilience awareness and training, inspired by the Air Force initiative to create a culture where members are comfortable seeking and receiving assistance within their communities.
  • Military Working Dog Vvonya retires after dedicated service

    Military Working Dog Vvonya swapped a career of patrol, detection and defense to put her paws up and enjoy family and civilian life when she officially retired from duty Jan. 18, 2018, after nine years faithful service to Team Mildenhall and the U.S. Air Force.
  • RAF Mildenhall spouses master resiliency, mindfulness, yoga

    A Mindfulness and Resiliency Event, hosted by the Community Support Coordinator for RAF Mildenhall and Key Spouses was held here on Jan. 10. The day began with a presentation on mindfulness and resiliency strategies by MRT-certified spouses, then a restorative yoga session at a yoga studio in Newmarket and finished with English tea and pastries at a tea shop.
  • Command, Control: Mildenhall Airmen train for the worst, expect the best

    The day was no different to any other, but by the end of it, the United States, and the way most Americans went about their lives, would never be the same. Innocent lives had been lost, a new enemy suddenly appeared and the way in which battles take place would change across the globe.
  • DOD Budget Explained

    Team Mildenhall has been home to many upgrades over the last few years, from technological upgrades like a 3-D printer to updated building construction and renovated security throughout the entire base. How does RAF Mildenhall get these upgrades, and who decides how the money is spent? “The budget is the deciding factor,” said Master Sgt. Jonathan Cunningham, 100th Comptroller Squadron financial analysis flight chief. “The budget is how we make readiness a reality.
  • AETC command chief visits Team Mildenhall

    Chief Master Sgt. Juliet Gudgel, command chief master sergeant of Air Education and Training Command, visited RAF Mildenhall, England, Nov. 14, 2018, to gain insight on what training currently looks like for Airmen. Air Education and Training Command is reimagining how Airmen are developed, through a shift in education, training and capitalization of experiences in a new concept: The Continuum of Learning.
  • RC-135: Team Mildenhall Airmen enable mission

    The U.S. Air Force long ago recognized future wars would not solely be fought on air, ground, or sea, and to prepare for that reality, the use of electronic warfare was crucial. Electronic warfare is comprised of jamming communication systems, and electronic support protection tactics, such as infrared homing to distract missiles. The mission of the 95th Reconnaissance Squadron at RAF Mildenhall focuses on support, collecting intelligence and data.