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  • Civilian Personnel: Directory

    Civilian Personnel APO address 100 FSS/FSMC Unit 4925 Box 290 APO AE 09459   Civilian Personnel UK address 100 FSS/FSMC Building 435 RAF Mildenhall Bury St.

  • Retiree Activity Program

    Retiree Direct Deposit informationEffective March 1, 2013, all retirees receiving paper checks will need to establish a direct deposit. For more information on how to establish a direct deposit, click here.  Retiree Acitivity Program informationThe Joint RAF Mildenhall/RAF Lakenheath Retiree

  • Civilian Personnel: NAF LNDH open continuous announcements

    These listings are frequently filled and recurring positions in the Non-appropriated Funded Local National Direct Hire program. They are NOT actual vacancies. Applications are accepted for these positions on a continuous basis to enable quick employment fills when they occur. Positions are located

  • Civilian Personnel: Family member employment

    Who is a "family member" for civilian employment purposes? Is there a difference between "family member" and "military spouse" in the civilian hiring process?A family member is a U.S. citizen spouse, or unmarried child (including stepchild, adopted child, or foster child) under the age of 23,

  • Civilian Personnel: Classification and pay categories

    Staff Schedule (S) - Clerical, administrative, technical, and professional positions. Works Schedule (W) - Includes all recognized crafts and trades of unskilled, semi-skilled, or skilled manual-labor positions. Works Leader (WL) - Includes leader type positions which lead three or more

  • Civilian Personnel: LNDH roles and responsibilities talking paper

    PURPOSE: The purpose of this paper is to highlight the role of the Civilian Personnel Office's administration of the Local National Direct Hire programBACKGROUND: The CPO conducts all operations for the LNDH program throughout the United Kingdom, Norway, and GreenlandDISCUSSION: The CPO is