• In-processing procedures

    After you have arrived and settled into your lodging/dorm, on you first "Duty day" your sponsor will escort you to the unit orderly room. You will begin unit in-processing, and be provided with the base in-processing "Fast Start" schedule to include Housing, Local Conditions Drivers Training, and Overseas Orientation briefings to name just a
  • Arranging entry to the United Kingdom

    United Kingdom (UK) Visas Your losing Military Personnel Flight (MPF) will ensure that you and your family have the appropriate documents to enter the UK. The United Kingdom has immigration regulations that require visitors to the UK for more that 6 months to obtain entry clearance prior to traveling to the UK. While the rules exempt active duty
  • Child and teen services and education

    Child care centers are not as numerous here as they are in the United States. Therefore, locating child care can sometimes be a frustrating experience. To help parents meet their child care needs, a "Child Care Resource Guide" was developed and is available at the Child Development Center, Family Child Care Office and Airmen & Family Readiness
  • Dispose of items properly whether trash or treasure

    It's often said that one man's trash is another mans treasure, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing - and when it's time to let it go, you've got to know where to get rid of it. While RAF Mildenhall has its own recycling center, there are certain things that cannot be accepted. Thankfully, there are several household waste recycling
  • New survey aims to improve information delivery to Airmen

    The Secretary of the Air Force Office of Communication at the Pentagon has launched a study to find out how Airmen want to get information about the Air Force. A randomly selected group of Airmen and Air Force civilian employees will receive an e-mail invitation from Brig Gen Erv Lessel, Air Force Director of Communication, asking them to complete
  • Gas tanks tested, cleaned and back in action at RAF Mildenhall

    After many gas stations around England were found to have their tanks contaminated with silicone, the question was raised as to whether gas stations on base also faced the same problem. Harvest Energy, a British company which supplies gasoline both to the economy and to U.S. bases in England, performed independent testing to determine if fuel at
  • 100th SFS receives Bronze Star medal for actions in Iraq

    Being in a convoy that was struck by a large improvised explosive device didn't phase Master Sergeant Jeff Fenner, 100th Security Forces Squadron, when he was deployed for six months in Iraq from January to June 2006. When the vehicle he was traveling behind was disabled, he suddenly became surrounded by wounded Airmen, including one with a head
  • Motorcyclists should be prepared before heading out on roads, base

    As the weather improves and temperatures start to rise once again, motorcyclists are taking to the open road in greater numbers, both on base and off. This means drivers of other vehicles should be more vigilant and aware of their, and others, safety when on the road. Motorists should be constantly on the lookout for motorcycles, especially from
  • Program changes due to daylight saving time

    For the first time ever, the United States is changing to Daylight Saving Time several weeks before the rest of the world. The U.S. springs forward an hour on March 11. However, Europe doesn't switch until March 25. Sports fans should take special note that during this two week period, all live shows on radio and television will air an hour earlier
  • 100th OG members collect for wounded soldier item drive

    Galaxy Team 5/6 members from the 100th Operations Group took two-hour shifts from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the RAF Lakenheath Commissary, to collect donations for a wounded soldier item drive. "We collected more than 50 grocery carts-worth of items from military members and their families," said Master Sgt. Scott Dixon, 100th