• Galaxy Team 5/6 holds 'wounded soldier' clothing, item drive

    Army National Guard Private 1st Class Nate Detample was only 18 when he died in Iraq in August 2005. His death had a big impact on his close friend, Staff Sgt. Jessica Lara, 100th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, and was a major factor in her decision to somehow help troops wounded in combat. So with the help of members from Galaxy Team 5/6, she
  • Air Force, British firefighters dampen off-base blaze

    Air Force firefighters here joined British firefighters from Mildenhall in response to an off-base fire Wednesday.  The 11 firefighters and one on-scene commander from the 100th Civil Engineer Squadron Fire Department responded to the West Row fire after receiving a call from an on-base witness. Six members from the Mildenhall Fire Service worked
  • Book honors troops of all services

    Some people say a man is only as good as his word. If that's the case, then Maj. Robert A. Lindblom, RAF Lakenheath's 48th Fighter Wing chief of flight safety must be doing all right. The major wrote a short story about his experience downrange which was published in the book, "Operation Homecoming." "The book is a compilation of different types of
  • 'Keep moving toward your destination'

    When it comes to dealing with hard times, Lorraine Potter has a simple philosophy - "Face the challenge, move your lips in prayer and keep moving toward your destination." As a retired major general who holds the distinction of being the Air Force's first female chaplain, General Potter visited RAF Mildenhall to speak at the National Prayer
  • Left turn at front gate opens Friday

    The left turn at the Main Gate which leads to the south side of base will be open Friday. Cars will be permitted to turn left or right after passing through the ID check point. Vehicles exiting the ID check canopy may turn right from any lane, however, vehicles wishing to turn left must enter the left half of the canopy. The following restrictions
  • Last minute call leads to unplanned refueling mission

    A late night call, a cancelled sortie and flexibility led an aircrew from the 351st Air Refueling Squadron here to help expedite the transport of more than a dozen severely injured troops from Iraq to Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Feb. 7. According to Capt. Brent Toth, 100th Operations Support Squadron scheduler, the refueling mission was far from
  • Gateway dining facility prepped and ready to compete as finalists in the 2007 Hennessy Trophy awards

    The dining facility staff works hard, and it has paid off. Beginning Monday, a team will be rating them as finalists in the 2007 Hennessy Trophy awards. The facility has already been chosen as the best in U.S. Air Forces in Europe. So, don't dare call it a chow hall. That's the philosophy of Staff Sgt. Andres Chaves, a shift leader at RAF
  • 352nd MXS maintainers Lean forward to keep MC-130 fleet in top shape

    Airmen in the 352nd Maintenance Squadron are inspecting and returning aircraft to the war fighter 20 days faster than they were last summer. Thanks to the 'Lean Flow' management program that was implemented about nine months ago, the average time operators take to complete an isochronal inspection is 32 days rather than 52, and they're working on
  • Who is the biggest loser?

    While being known as "the biggest loser" may not sound like a compliment, for 156 people who've signed up for the 100th Services Squadron's "Biggest Loser" contest, it's a title to fight for. The weight-loss competition, which began Dec. 1 and runs until March 2, provides an incentive and challenge for those who may not otherwise give themselves
  • 352nd MXS crew chief competes in mountain-X challenges

    Hearts pound in the riders' chests and all eyes are on the starting lights as they flash first red, then yellow then green. The gate hisses as it raises into the starting position, to the sound of, "Riders ready ... watch the gate." Beep ... beep ... beeeeep! Crashing down, the gate drops sharply like a drawbridge, signaling the race has begun. In